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A de­sign, dig­i­tal pub­lish­ing, and print pub­lish­ing au­thor, train­er, and con­sul­tant Inspiring, Informing, and Empowering Creative Professionals™

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Pariah Burke (http://​iampar​i​ah​.com) is a dig­i­tal pub­lish­ing and graph­ic de­sign con­sul­tant, train­er, au­thor, and speak­er whose pas­sion is Inspiring, Informing, and Empowering Creative Professionals™. Pariah lit­er­al­ly wrote the book (and the cur­ricu­lum used by col­leges, uni­ver­si­ties, and train­ers the world over) on dig­i­tal pub­lish­ing with InDesign, ePub­lish­ing with InDesign. He al­so wrote the first book for ex­pe­ri­enced InDesign users, Mastering InDesign for Print Design and Production, as well as oth­er books, more than a dozen video train­ing cours­es, and more than 450 pub­lished tu­to­ri­als and ar­ti­cles on the top­ics of InDesign, InCopy, Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, ty­pog­ra­phy, elearn­ing, epub­lish­ing, iPad DPS pub­lish­ing, cre­ative and of­fice ef­fi­cien­cy, the busi­ness of de­sign, and go­ing free­lance. Pariah trav­els every­where from his home base in Portland, Oregon, and you can al­ways find him shar­ing with, and help­ing, the cre­ative pro com­mu­ni­ty on Twitter @iampariah.