Clients & Testimonials

Judge a man by his friends, but judge a ser­vice provider by his clients.

During more than 10 years of on-site, class­room, and re­mote train­ing and con­sult­ing Pariah Burke has had the priv­e­lage of teach­ing and help­ing many tal­ent­ed men and women work­ing in amaz­ing­ly di­verse work­flows. The fol­low­ing are just some of the com­pa­nies and agen­cies he has in­spired, in­formed, and empowered.

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Just a Few of Our Clients

Actus Land Lease
Banfield Pet Hospitals
Bloom High School, Chicago, Illinois
Colorado Springs Utilities
Comcast Sports Net
Computer Sciences Corporation
Elon University
Federal Aviation Administration
Flight Options
General Tours
Hanna Andersson
Ilisagvik College
The Independent Weekly Newspaper
The Library Video Company
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Corp.
Louisiana State University (LSU)
MGM Grand Resorts
Multnomah County, Oregon
National Temporal Bone Registry
Neiman Marcus
North Slope Borough, Barrow, Alaska
Northrop Grumman
Northwestern University
Object 9
Oregon State University (OSU)
The Pepsi Co.
Pier 1 Imports
Priority Health
South Carolina Yacht Club
St. Joseph County Public Library
Stars and Stripes Newspaper
Sumner County School
Sun Styles Specialty Printing
Synopsys, Inc./Motorola
US Attorney’s Office
US Air Force (USAF)
US Army
US Marine Corps.
Washington State Insurance Commissioner
The Wassertstrom Company
Watermark Advertising
Xcelsior Publishing Company

Testimonials: In the Words of Our Clients and Colleagues

Here is what a few of our clients, part­ners, and col­leagues have to say about Pariah Burke and his associates.

We were able to do hands on [ex­er­cis­es] with our own pieces while Pariah taught each [les­son].

— Teresa Maile, Priority Health

I can’t think of any­thing that could have been bet­ter. It was a great class, and I learned a lot from Pariah.

— Teresa Maile, Priority Health

Pariah was very in­for­ma­tive and spoke so we would un­der­stand for beginners.

— Teresa Maile, Priority Health

Pariah was amaz­ing. Very friend­ly and walked us through the train­ing in a very sim­ple mat­ter. He was able to teach us a lot of in­for­ma­tion in just one day and I didn’t feel overwhelmed.

— Elizabeth Lee, Oracle

Pariah was great. He is very knowl­edge­able and an­swered every ques­tion we had with con­cise answers.

— Daniel Aguilar, Oracle

[The train­ing] was perfect.

— Elizabeth Lee, Oracle

The best teach­ing available.

— Andrew Gormley, Oracle

The course [InDesign EPUB Fundamentals by Pariah Burke] is a great as­set. Clear, in­for­ma­tive and re­al­ly enjoyable.

— Rian Magee, Twinbrush

Very thorough!…[Pariah] clear­ly knows a ton about the whole world of eBooks. The InDesign work will help me pro­duce my first eBook with the “en­hanced” fea­tures that I didn’t know how to do.

— Tali Edut, Astrostyle

Pariah’s in­sights in­to the fu­ture and rec­om­men­da­tions for in­no­va­tors, artists, au­thors, and small pub­lish­ers to cap­ture their mar­ket share was most useful.

— Fassil Yirgu, Nyala Publishing

Our newslet­ter will now be an in­ter­ac­tive PDF and we are very ex­cit­ed to start cre­at­ing it!

— Stephanie, Birdville ISD

I like the open con­ver­sa­tion with oth­er at­ten­dees. I liked that a wide breadth of con­tent was covered…I gained a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing and more am­mu­ni­tion on how to ex­plain that cre­at­ing ePub­li­ca­tions, both in­ter­ac­tive and for eRead­ers, isn’t just a mag­ic click of a but­ton like man­age­ment seems to think.

— Paul, St. Mary’s Press

I gained con­fi­dence about of­fer­ing ePUB ser­vices to clients, and ex­cit­ed about this op­por­tu­ni­ty for my business…Most use­ful to me: in­fo on how and where to get ePUBs in­to the mar­ket, types of for­mats and how and where they’re used.

— Rock Langston, Tomato Graphics

This work­shop pre­sent­ed a com­pre­hen­sive view of the ca­pa­bil­i­ties, tech­nolo­gies and mar­ket­ing of epub­li­ca­tions. Having that end-to-end un­der­stand­ing opened ideas I did not have be­fore the class.

— Karen B.

Gave me all of the in­fo I would have want­ed to know to start down the path of e-publishing… As a novice InDesign user, I feel a lot more con­fi­dent about be­ing able to de­sign a pub­li­ca­tion and see it published.

— Sandra Oei, SoVisual

The ac­tu­al demon­stra­tion of how to cre­ate EPUBs, in­for­ma­tion about which for­mats are used by which eread­ers, and which fonts, I found most useful…I had not re­al­ized that it’s that easy to cre­ate a (sim­ple) EPUB.

— Margaret B., Editor

This work­shop came in just in time for my career.

— Michelle W., Freelance Designer

Pariah is a great speak­er and so much fun to lis­ten to. He has a great way of giv­ing both overviews and specifics.

— Aimee Armour-Avant, The Creative Slant

I was very hap­py with the val­ue I re­ceived from this webinar…I got a lot more out of it than I had an­tic­i­pat­ed… It was my birth­day present to my­self and I’m so glad I indulged!

— Michelle, Project Design Inc.

A BIG WOW in Artwork & Graphic Images…Every sin­gle bit of it invaluable.

— Grace F., Designer

I liked Pariah’s in­tro of him­self: “I like to help peo­ple.” Distilled to the very essence of his pur­pose in life.

— Jan Carpenter, J.L. Carpenter Design

It was all valu­able and en­light­en­ing. Everything–from the valu­able re­sources, to the hands-on things in InDesign that I hadn’t seen be­fore. I will be us­ing these skills im­me­di­ate­ly and in the future.

— Denise, Design4 Graphic & Web Design

This ses­sion has been fan­tas­tic, and I have learned so much. After near­ly 20 years in the print world, I and my cus­tomers rec­og­nize that we must make the change to dig­i­tal com­mu­ni­ca­tion or face extinction.

— Caroline, Wild Pete Publishing

[I ob­tained] a clear vi­sion of the world of elec­tron­ic publishing.

— Claudio Marconato, Adobe Certified Instructor

Pariah knew his stuff. He was easy go­ing, han­dled the on­line en­vi­ron­ment nat­u­ral­ly, and made the par­tic­i­pants feel like he was on their team.

— Andrew G., Designer

You gave me ePub­lish­ing and more to­day. Thank you so much…I can ex­ceed our web stuff and be in more con­trol, give bet­ter in­for­ma­tion in bet­ter ways, and give [our pub­li­ca­tions] vavavoom!

— Penny, Genius Solutions

[Pariah has] a way of look­ing at tech­nol­o­gy and find­ing us­es for some tools which es­cape the rest of us.

— Brian S., M2 Media Solutions

Pariah be­lieves that qual­i­ty in­for­ma­tion use­ful to cre­atives hap­pens when cre­atives are al­lowed to in­dulge their cre­ative pas­sions. His style is wise, pa­tient and en­abling; his own pas­sion for the cre­ative world shows in every­thing that he does.

— Samuel John Klein, Graphic and Web Designer

[Pariah has] what it takes to man­age and or­ga­nize a group of peo­ple, not on­ly in terms of lead­er­ship, but al­so in terms of care and un­der­stand­ing. I am re­al­ly glad to have worked with him.

— Elisabetta Bruno, Designer

Pariah Burke is the very de­f­i­n­i­tion of “cre­ative ge­nius”. His cre­ative spark and muse is awe­some and in­spir­ing. He’s a man of in­cred­i­ble tal­ent, yet soft spo­ken (at least in per­son), hum­ble and one of the most hard-working men I know.

— Sterling Ledet, Ledet Graphics Training

I found Pariah’s work (both writ­ing and de­sign) to be most cre­ative and his ex­pla­na­tions about how to work ef­fec­tive­ly with [cre­ative soft­ware] ex­tra­or­di­nar­i­ly clear and use­ful for the reader.

— Karen L. Lew, Book Editor

Pariah has al­ways been an in­no­va­tor, a true pi­o­neer show­ing us a bet­ter tomorrow.

— Rena McDowell, Texas A&M University

Pariah Burke – re­spect­ed au­thor, train­er, con­sul­tant. I whole heart­ed­ly rec­om­mend him for your con­sult­ing needs.

— Jeff Kew, Fireboycreative

Pariah is one of the most knowl­edge­able de­sign pro­fes­sion­als I know. His knowl­edge is on­ly sur­passed by his will­ing­ness to help others.

— Carl Heinrichs, Microsoft

Pariah’s knowl­edge is vast (I sus­pect he nev­er sleeps!), but that fact is trumped by his ea­ger­ness to share what he knows. He’s a won­der­ful re­source to the graph­ic community!

— Claudia Mccue, Practicalia / Adobe

This man is amaz­ing­ly tal­ent­ed, and there is noth­ing Pariah can’t achieve!

— Kyle Fuqua, Strongfold

Makes learn­ing easy. Couldn’t wish for a bet­ter in­struc­tor or con­sul­tant. Easily able to ex­plain com­plex top­ics in un­der­stand­able ways.

— Katie Hardin, MGM Mirage Design Group

Pariah is one of the most knowl­edge­able de­sign pro­fes­sion­als I know. He nev­er hes­i­tates to an­swer your tough­est cre­ative and ap­pli­ca­tion ques­tions. He is tru­ly an ex­pert in his field.

— Alexandra Gebhardt, Inside Media Networks

Pariah is an ab­solute gu­ru. He is THE go-to-digital-man with­out a doubt! He rocks!

— Heather Grimwood, New Zealand

Pariah Burke has been a wealth of in­for­ma­tion. Clearly he is a go to per­son when you need assistance.

— Rosie Kilmer, Author and Designer

If you want some­one to ef­fec­tive­ly teach your team, this is your go to man. [Pariah] pro­vides need­ed in­for­ma­tion quick­ly and efficiently.

— Rosie Kilmer, Author and Designer

After work­ing with Pariah for sev­er­al years it must be said that there sim­ply is no one bet­ter in the field. His knowl­edge is broad yet fo­cused, help­ful while be­ing in­struc­tive, cre­ative while stay­ing on message.

— Mark Winburn, KnowledgeNet

Excellent in­struc­tor!

— Andrew Kavanagh, Retoucher and Photoshop Tutor

When it comes to all things Digital Publishing, Pariah has an en­cy­clo­pe­dic knowl­edge of where the in­dus­try has come from, has his fin­ger on the pulse of the present, and knows where it is going.

— Ben Erwin, Powersimple

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