Rates & Pricing

We offer extremely com­pet­i­tive rates that fit any bud­get, any class size, and any time frame.

Rates Per Day, Not Per Student

Rates are per day (or half day) and not per stu­dent as other train­ing com­pa­nies bill. The total instruc­tor daily (or half-daily) rate remains the same whether you are 1 stu­dent or 10 stu­dents, enabling major sav­ings cou­pled with the high­est qual­ity cus­tomized training.

Hands-On Training/Consulting
On-Site or Online/Virtual

Number of Students Length Flat Rate Per Student
1—10 Students Full Day $1,500.00 As Low As $150
  Half Day $1,000.00 As Low As $100
11—20 Students Full Day $2,500.00 As Low As $175
  Half Day $1,500.00 As Low As $75
21—36 Students Full Day $4,000.00 As Low As $111
  Half Day $2,500.00 As Low As $69

Lecture-Style Presentation
On-Site or Online/Virtual

Number of Attendees Length Flat Rate
1—5,000 Attendees Full Day $1,500.00
  Half Day $1,000.00

A full day is 7 hours—6 hours of class­room instruc­tion with a 1-hour lunch, giv­ing stu­dents an hour to before or after class to deal with e-mail, phone calls, and other work with­out inter­rupt­ing learning.

A half day is 3 hours. Two half-day engage­ments on the same day will be billed at the lower full-day rate.

Rates are per class, but rel­e­vant to the num­ber of stu­dents due to the increased dif­fi­culty of tai­lor­ing the edu­ca­tion to each indi­vid­ual in larger groups. Our on-site classes are typ­i­cally deliv­ered for up to 25 stu­dents per instruc­tor, while vir­tual classes we pre­fer to cap at 10 students.

We advise hold­ing mul­ti­ple classes rather than try­ing to cram too many stu­dents into a sin­gle class. Smaller class sizes enable our instruc­tors to bet­ter focus on the needs of the indi­vid­ual learn­ers, help­ing every­one in the class and the entire com­pany bet­ter achieve the objec­tives for the class. If tim­ing is an issue, we can some­times be flex­i­ble on the num­bers, so please ask.

Lead Time

We pre­fer to have 4 to 6 weeks of lead time in sched­ul­ing classes or con­sul­ta­tions, but the real­ity of today’s busi­ness world is that time is a lux­ury. Whatever your time framefrom two months out to two days outwe’ll do our best to work within your sched­ule.

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses will be added when our staff is required to travel out­side the “local” area or when tal­ent is brought in from out­side the local area. We will advise you of this early on in our dis­cus­sions so you are aware of poten­tial addi­tional cost. As a Massachusetts based orga­ni­za­tion, most loca­tions in the Metro West and Greater Boston areas would not involve addi­tional travel expenses.

Class Materials

In most cases class mate­ri­als are included in the price of the class. Exceptions are listed within the course descrip­tion itself. Any soft­ware pur­chases and cus­tom devel­op­ment of scripts, plu­g­ins, and other mate­ri­als is not included in the above class­room times.

Book Now or Request a Quote

Use our con­ve­nient reservation/RFQ form to obtain a quote and/or to reserve the dates for an event built specif­i­cally for you, your goals, your suc­cess indi­ca­tors, your work­flow, your per­son­nel, and your learn­ing style.