Rates & Pricing

We offer extremely competitive rates that fit any budget, any class size, and any time frame.

Rates Per Day, Not Per Student

Rates are per day (or half day) and not per student as other training companies bill. The total instructor daily (or half-daily) rate remains the same whether you are 1 student or 10 students, enabling major savings coupled with the highest quality customized training.

Hands-On Training/Consulting
On-Site or Online/Virtual

Number of StudentsLengthFlat RatePer Student
1—10 StudentsFull Day$1,500.00As Low As $150
 Half Day$1,000.00As Low As $100
11—20 StudentsFull Day$2,500.00As Low As $175
 Half Day$1,500.00As Low As $75
21—36 StudentsFull Day$4,000.00As Low As $111
 Half Day$2,500.00As Low As $69

Lecture-Style Presentation
On-Site or Online/Virtual

Number of AttendeesLengthFlat Rate
1—5,000 AttendeesFull Day$1,500.00
 Half Day$1,000.00

A full day is 7 hours—6 hours of classroom instruction with a 1-hour lunch, giving students an hour to before or after class to deal with e-mail, phone calls, and other work without interrupting learning.

A half day is 3 hours. Two half-day engagements on the same day will be billed at the lower full-day rate.

Rates are per class, but relevant to the number of students due to the increased difficulty of tailoring the education to each individual in larger groups. Our on-site classes are typically delivered for up to 25 students per instructor, while virtual classes we prefer to cap at 10 students.

We advise holding multiple classes rather than trying to cram too many students into a single class. Smaller class sizes enable our instructors to better focus on the needs of the individual learners, helping everyone in the class and the entire company better achieve the objectives for the class. If timing is an issue, we can sometimes be flexible on the numbers, so please ask.

Lead Time

We prefer to have 4 to 6 weeks of lead time in scheduling classes or consultations, but the reality of today’s business world is that time is a luxury. Whatever your time frame–from two months out to two days out–we’ll do our best to work within your schedule.

Travel Expenses

Travel expenses will be added when our staff is required to travel outside the “local” area or when talent is brought in from outside the local area. We will advise you of this early on in our discussions so you are aware of potential additional cost. As a Massachusetts based organization, most locations in the Metro West and Greater Boston areas would not involve additional travel expenses.

Class Materials

In most cases class materials are included in the price of the class. Exceptions are listed within the course description itself. Any software purchases and custom development of scripts, plugins, and other materials is not included in the above classroom times.

Book Now or Request a Quote

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