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An Olive Branch To Jamie Leigh

Thursday, shortly after posting Ban Jamie Leigh From Blogs, I received a nasty e-mail from Miss Leigh. It was disjointed and disorganized, contained several junior high level attempts at personal attack, made little sense, and redressed a few things that I never said. I wondered if maybe it was based on a form letter she sent out to those who disagreed with her.

The letter was obviously written by someone quite upset, and, well, I’m a sucker for tears.

So, I sent the below e-mail as an offering of an olive branch. After two days, I’ve yet to receive a response.


We’ve gotten off to an adversarial start. Let’s try this another way.

I tried to speak with you about this civilly when we first chatted a few months ago. At that time, however, you obliquely blew me off. Let’s try it again: a normal, civil conversation via e-mail.

You’ve earned my ire by your practice of promoting yourself on my blogs and on others’. Posting 1,000+ word essays about wax museums to half a dozen blogs is, in my opinion, inconsiderate of other people. Your site doesn’t allow comments (that I can find), but none of the people whose blogs you’ve posted your essays to would spam your site. As cliched as it is, the old addage applies quite well in this situation: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Please, Jamie, promote yourself some other way besides spamming other people’s blogs. Have some respect for other people. We all get pummeled by spam e-mail every time we open our inboxes. Popups and banner ads obscure our browsing experience with no sign of relenting. Blogs are to bloggers their own little online patches of land, their safe, picket fenced yards of personal expression to mow, groom, and landscape however THEY choose. These yards are open to you if you walk on them with respect. But, please don’t come around shitting on everyone’s lawn.

With sincerity and respect,

Pariah Burke

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6 Responses

  1. fl0w3r says:

    I sure would be interested to find out if and how she responds. My guess is that you may be trying to reason with an adolescent-minded publicity whore. She likely won’t absorb your very respectful request and will respond in her usual chaotic and agressive manner.

  2. Bea says:

    I’m here just to share the love… heh! Happy Bloggers Love-In Day. :-)

  3. Chris says:

    I hate to repeat myself here laddie, but you are doing exactly what she wants…. getting her attention. If you simply ignore her, along with banning her from your site, she should go away, to find herself another site to get her much desired attention.
    As the old Newspaper PR people so eloquently put it, “bad press is still good press…”

    Take a second hint my man, drop this ball, lest it become chained to your ankle.

  4. fl0w3r:

    Well, after more than a week, I’ve yet to receive a response. That’s a shame. Oh, well.

    I missed another Bloggers Love-In Day? Again? Two years in a row now I’ve missed my chance to get into a daisy chain with other bloggers. Dammit!


    You would think it’s that simple–and for the most part it is–but she keeps popping up. Blogs and posts that I read and respond to get spammed by her, taking the focus off the original topic and onto her–or just killing the conversation all together.

    Ah, well.

    Sorry to take so long to respond. I’ve been ramping up a couple of new for-profit (gasp!) blogs, the Design Weblog and the Magazine Design Weblog.

  5. I simply must point you to this comment that posted last night. It must be the actualization of the threat Jamie Leigh made. Boy, am I sorry! [snicker]