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Ban Jamie Leigh From Blogs

I call up­on the bl­o­gos­phere to ban Jamie Leigh from blogs. Report her to MT-Blacklist so that her URL, jamieleigh​.net, and her name are banned from com­ment­ing on MT blogs. Bloggers us­ing oth­er sys­tems should do the same. I have al­ready banned her per­ma­nent­ly from the Saturday Slant and my site, but she con­tin­ues to plague the rest of the bl­o­gos­phere. It isn’t enough to sim­ply add her to our lo­cal black­lists; she’ll find oth­er blogs to ex­ploit. Send Jamie Leigh a mes­sage that we aren’t be­neath her, that she can’t sim­ply use us to fur­ther her own dil­lu­sion of celebrity.

Jamie Leigh is an an­noy­ance to, and blight up­on the col­lec­tive ass of, the bl­o­gos­phere and the Internet it­self. She crap posts/blog spams with in­cred­i­bly long (usu­al­ly more than 1,000 words) pre-written, non-sensical es­say com­ments to­tal­ly un­re­lat­ed to the blog and post to which it is spammed. She does this to raise her rank­ing in Google. Do a Google search for “‘Jamie Leigh’ and blog” to see all the blogs she’s spammed in the last three years. If you get more than a cou­ple of com­ments on your site, she’s prob­a­bly al­ready spammed you.

Here, the most re­cent ex­am­ple of her blog spam­ming ef­forts, a 1,300 word di­a­tribe about wax mu­se­ums crap post­ed to about a dozen blogs (that I’ve found with 5 min­utes of re­search) on 30 March, 2004. 

1,300 word crap post to var­i­ous blogs on 30 March, 2004 in­clud­ing (but not lim­it­ed to):
Amptoons Blog
Joho The Blog
The Talking Dog blog
Talk A Blue Streak blog
Alas, A Blog

More crap posts/blog spam:
Crap post­ing on The Blog Herald (12 April 2004)
Crap post­ing her press re­leas­es and gi­ant pho­tos of her­self to the Saturday Slant
Locker Gnome
Another crap post­ing on the Saturday Slant (that I had re­moved at the time).

More in­fo on blog spam­mer Jamie Leigh:
Celebrity Blogs’ sto­ry about Jamie Leigh’s at­tempts to con­vince them she’s fa­mous. (22 Feb 2004)
A dis­sec­tion of Jamie Leigh by Cam​-Mafia​.com
Her self-written bio on Eatonweb.
Fighting Blog Spam (about halfway down the page)
The Official Jamie Leigh Fanlisting
• And, she ap­par­ent­ly has a very suc­cess­ful ca­reer as a porn ac­tress. I found this via a Google search.

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15 Responses

  1. Supporters Of Jamie Leigh And Haters Of Long Haired Winers says:

    Good lord man, first of all, CUT YOUR HAIR! What on earth is that? No won­der why you have noth­ing bet­ter to do with your time then bash and pick apart beau­ti­ful peo­ple like Jamie Leigh, lmao. Try cut­ting that long mane of ug­li­ness and get­ting some ac­tu­al in­tegri­ty and in­tel­li­gence. No one cares what you have to say or write and most like­ly nev­er will so your jeal­ous­ly is vam­pant in try­ing to mock a woman who many re­late to, ad­mire, and love. Mommy must have nev­er let you play with the red ball now did she? Aw, how sad… so now you are tak­ing it out on a com­put­er and spen­nd­ing your time writ­ing mean hor­ri­ble things about peo­ple you have nev­er met and can on­ly dream of. Since there is no way you’ll have any ac­tu­al love or at­ten­tion that you so des­per­ate­ly seek (yes YOU you pony-tailed, hick look­ing ex­cuse for a writer) you go around the web look­ing at oth­ers lives and oth­ers writ­ing and have a laugh at them. Funny, you ac­tu­al­ly think peo­ple care about any of this shit that you are writ­ing. Chop that dis­gust­ing horse hair off, get a re­al job, and stop tak­ing down peo­ple who are on­ly try­ing to do their best and ex­press them­selves. Funny how you didn’t men­tion an ounce of why some­one might be writ­ing what they do, or the time they spend on hu­man­i­tar­i­an ef­forts, I guess that’s not “google wor­thy” enough for you hm? Not juicy enough? No, you’d rather kick a horse (who you’ve seemed to clever mod­el your look af­ter) while they are down and just try­ing to fig­ure some things out. Get a life, your OWN or you can keep writ­ing about peo­ple you se­cret­ly wish you could have but nev­er in any life­time will. 

    You’re so pa­thet­ic dude….lmao…

    And take off that de­tec­tive hat, it will give that hideous mug a lit­tle sun!

  2. nagging-tux says:

    whoa man, i came to this archive, re­gard­ing Jamie Leigh. came from Justin’s site, that​sjust​notright​.com, well ac­tu­al­ly, he men­tioned about this ‘Jamie Leigh’ so went to google it, and yours was the first. heh. now i know who “Jamie Leigh” is.. heh.. outz–

  3. already hate her says:

    Yet an­oth­er in­ter­net troll…and one with fer­vent fol­low­ers. Do peo­ple have noth­ing bet­ter to do than troll the in­ter­net try­ing to get their 15 min­utes of fame? Maybe they should put their ef­forts in­to cur­ing can­cer or help­ing the home­less and not in­to dis­play­ing how un­abashed­ly stu­pid they are for all the world to see. Sad day when peo­ple like JamieLeigh are cel­e­brat­ed for do­ing ab­solute­ly noth­ing useful.

  4. Jaz says:

    To the peo­ple who hate Jamie Leigh:

    The on­ly rea­son why you hate her is sim­ply be­cause you don’t un­der­stand shit about what she’s writ­ing. You are sim­ply not deep to get be­yond her words. I feel sor­ry for men who put down oth­ers to fill up them­selves and their lit­tle ego.

    It’s sad that your lives are filled with ig­no­rance in­stead of com­pas­sion. Get well soon.

  5. Jaz says:

    To the peo­ple who hate Jamie Leigh:

    The on­ly rea­son why you hate her is sim­ply be­cause you don’t un­der­stand shit about what she’s writ­ing. You are sim­ply not deep to get be­yond her words. I feel sor­ry for men who put down oth­ers to fill up them­selves and their lit­tle ego.

    It’s sad that your lives are filled with ig­no­rance in­stead of com­pas­sion. Get well soon.

  6. I can’t stop laugh­ing… This is damn fun­ny… Yes! You’re right! My hair is the cause of all my woes!

    You’re hard­ly even lit­er­ate! [LOL] In fact, you make the same spelling mis­takes that Jamie Leigh her­self (the self-proclaimed “Madonna [and whore] of the Internet”) makes. So is this Jamie Leigh try­ing to per­pet­u­ate the myth that she has a friend?

    If Ms. Leigh is so right­eous, why does she spam blogs? If she’s so fa­mous, why must she re­sort to beg­ging for work?

    Here, read this and tell me why Ms. Leigh doesn’t have the temer­i­ty to re­spond: “An Olive Branch To Jamie Leigh

  7. Dark1 says:

    dude.. you are so fuck­ing lame. you re­al­ly do need to do some­thing with your life, and the way you look. its ob­vi­ous you dont un­der­stand JL at all. its al­so ob­vi­ous to me JL is a far bet­ter, nicer, more un­der­stand­ing per­son than you could ever hope to be.your life is pa­thet­ic, you are pa­thet­ic and so is your website.
    it seems to me you cling to JL to try and get your own 15minutes of fame you red­neck try hard. i know why JL has­nt got back to you, be­cause you are sim­ply not worth her time. ive seen this place be­fore and want­ed to com­ment but you are not worth my time or the air you breathe. im on­ly com­ment­ing now be­cause i care for JL so much. any­hoo ive wast­ed far to much time on your lame­ness al­ready. get a life you moron.

  8. Ahahahahahah…ahaah ha ha

    I see. You can’t spell, but I’m the mo­ron. Interestingly, you mis­spelled all the same words, in the same way, as Jamie Leigh herself.

    Answer one sim­ple ques­tion: What does Jamie Leighh do? She’s the self-proclaimed “undis­put­ed Madonna of the cy­ber world is back and bet­ter than ever and con­tin­ues to pave the way for oth­ers to fol­low in her in­no­v­a­tive foot­steps”. I hon­est­ly want to know: What foot­steps? What makes her the Madonna of the cy­ber world? What the hell does she do that is so spe­cial? Does she paint? Act? Sing? What?!

    All I’ve ever seen her do is string to­geth­er some­one else’s words, then spam every pop­u­lar blog she can.

  9. Dark1 says:

    first of all, what spelling mis­takes? cant u read? cant u spell? please point out my ty­pos as i cant see them. al­so are you try­ing to say u think i am/that post was from Jamie? how de­lud­ed you are. what does Jamie do? if u took the time to find out you would know what it is she does and what it is JL is about.what is it that you do apart from “in­sult” poe­ple that are try­ing to make a dif­fer­ence in this shit­ty world?are u jelous be­cause your such a back­ward ug­ly red­neck? what do u do that im­pacts on people`s lives? what do u do to make the world we live in a bet­ter place?u re­al­ly just have no idea do you? none what so ever. i pit­ty you. your eyes are glued the fuck shut. you just dont see and you prob­a­bly nev­er will. as for “spam­ming” blogs, JL has a mes­sage for peo­ple that you just dont seem to un­der­stand, i see noth­ing wrong with USING blogs to spread what JL is all about. what else are blogs for if not to say sumthing to some­one? get a life moron.

  10. Dark1 says:

    al­so what “se­cu­ri­ty” is­sues do u have that u re­quire peo­ple to give you thi­er email ad­dress to post?!?

  11. hahah! says:

    ! she’s giv­en me one good laugh. is she an elab­o­rate prank? it’s al­most ge­nius comedy. 

    ei­ther that or the in­ter­net has lived up to be­ing the largest open sew­er of in­for­ma­tion imaginable

  12. Wow says:


    i am over­whelmed at how crazy this poor la­dy is. Absolutely dillusional. 

    so so odd.

  13. BakedRooster says:

    OMG I dont usu­al­ly post just read but man this is hi­lar­i­ous is this girl men­tal­ly re­tard­ed are what. Like any­one is buy­ing her as oth­er peo­ple. like a bunch of peo­ple are go­ing to not on­ly stick up for but to­tal­ly praise such a no­body. LOL

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