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Ban Jamie Leigh From Blogs

I call upon the blogosphere to ban Jamie Leigh from blogs. Report her to MT-Blacklist so that her URL,, and her name are banned from commenting on MT blogs. Bloggers using other systems should do the same. I have already banned her permanently from the Saturday Slant and my site, but she continues to plague the rest of the blogosphere. It isn’t enough to simply add her to our local blacklists; she’ll find other blogs to exploit. Send Jamie Leigh a message that we aren’t beneath her, that she can’t simply use us to further her own dillusion of celebrity.

Jamie Leigh is an annoyance to, and blight upon the collective ass of, the blogosphere and the Internet itself. She crap posts/blog spams with incredibly long (usually more than 1,000 words) pre-written, non-sensical essay comments totally unrelated to the blog and post to which it is spammed. She does this to raise her ranking in Google. Do a Google search for “‘Jamie Leigh’ and blog” to see all the blogs she’s spammed in the last three years. If you get more than a couple of comments on your site, she’s probably already spammed you.

Here, the most recent example of her blog spamming efforts, a 1,300 word diatribe about wax museums crap posted to about a dozen blogs (that I’ve found with 5 minutes of research) on 30 March, 2004.

1,300 word crap post to various blogs on 30 March, 2004 including (but not limited to):
Amptoons Blog
Joho The Blog
The Talking Dog blog
Talk A Blue Streak blog
Alas, A Blog

More crap posts/blog spam:
Crap posting on The Blog Herald (12 April 2004)
Crap posting her press releases and giant photos of herself to the Saturday Slant
Locker Gnome
Another crap posting on the Saturday Slant (that I had removed at the time).

More info on blog spammer Jamie Leigh:
Celebrity Blogs’ story about Jamie Leigh’s attempts to convince them she’s famous. (22 Feb 2004)
A dissection of Jamie Leigh by
Her self-written bio on Eatonweb.
Fighting Blog Spam (about halfway down the page)
The Official Jamie Leigh Fanlisting
• And, she apparently has a very successful career as a porn actress. I found this via a Google search.

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15 Responses

  1. Supporters Of Jamie Leigh And Haters Of Long Haired Winers says:

    Good lord man, first of all, CUT YOUR HAIR! What on earth is that? No wonder why you have nothing better to do with your time then bash and pick apart beautiful people like Jamie Leigh, lmao. Try cutting that long mane of ugliness and getting some actual integrity and intelligence. No one cares what you have to say or write and most likely never will so your jealously is vampant in trying to mock a woman who many relate to, admire, and love. Mommy must have never let you play with the red ball now did she? Aw, how sad… so now you are taking it out on a computer and spennding your time writing mean horrible things about people you have never met and can only dream of. Since there is no way you’ll have any actual love or attention that you so desperately seek (yes YOU you pony-tailed, hick looking excuse for a writer) you go around the web looking at others lives and others writing and have a laugh at them. Funny, you actually think people care about any of this shit that you are writing. Chop that disgusting horse hair off, get a real job, and stop taking down people who are only trying to do their best and express themselves. Funny how you didn’t mention an ounce of why someone might be writing what they do, or the time they spend on humanitarian efforts, I guess that’s not “google worthy” enough for you hm? Not juicy enough? No, you’d rather kick a horse (who you’ve seemed to clever model your look after) while they are down and just trying to figure some things out. Get a life, your OWN or you can keep writing about people you secretly wish you could have but never in any lifetime will.

    You’re so pathetic dude….lmao…

    And take off that detective hat, it will give that hideous mug a little sun!

  2. nagging-tux says:

    whoa man, i came to this archive, regarding Jamie Leigh. came from Justin’s site,, well actually, he mentioned about this ‘Jamie Leigh’ so went to google it, and yours was the first. heh. now i know who “Jamie Leigh” is.. heh.. outz–

  3. already hate her says:

    Yet another internet troll…and one with fervent followers. Do people have nothing better to do than troll the internet trying to get their 15 minutes of fame? Maybe they should put their efforts into curing cancer or helping the homeless and not into displaying how unabashedly stupid they are for all the world to see. Sad day when people like JamieLeigh are celebrated for doing absolutely nothing useful.

  4. Jaz says:

    To the people who hate Jamie Leigh:

    The only reason why you hate her is simply because you don’t understand shit about what she’s writing. You are simply not deep to get beyond her words. I feel sorry for men who put down others to fill up themselves and their little ego.

    It’s sad that your lives are filled with ignorance instead of compassion. Get well soon.

  5. Jaz says:

    To the people who hate Jamie Leigh:

    The only reason why you hate her is simply because you don’t understand shit about what she’s writing. You are simply not deep to get beyond her words. I feel sorry for men who put down others to fill up themselves and their little ego.

    It’s sad that your lives are filled with ignorance instead of compassion. Get well soon.

  6. I can’t stop laughing… This is damn funny… Yes! You’re right! My hair is the cause of all my woes!

    You’re hardly even literate! [LOL] In fact, you make the same spelling mistakes that Jamie Leigh herself (the self-proclaimed “Madonna [and whore] of the Internet”) makes. So is this Jamie Leigh trying to perpetuate the myth that she has a friend?

    If Ms. Leigh is so righteous, why does she spam blogs? If she’s so famous, why must she resort to begging for work?

    Here, read this and tell me why Ms. Leigh doesn’t have the temerity to respond: “An Olive Branch To Jamie Leigh

  7. Dark1 says:

    dude.. you are so fucking lame. you really do need to do something with your life, and the way you look. its obvious you dont understand JL at all. its also obvious to me JL is a far better, nicer, more understanding person than you could ever hope to be.your life is pathetic, you are pathetic and so is your website.
    it seems to me you cling to JL to try and get your own 15minutes of fame you redneck try hard. i know why JL hasnt got back to you, because you are simply not worth her time. ive seen this place before and wanted to comment but you are not worth my time or the air you breathe. im only commenting now because i care for JL so much. anyhoo ive wasted far to much time on your lameness already. get a life you moron.

  8. Ahahahahahah…ahaah ha ha

    I see. You can’t spell, but I’m the moron. Interestingly, you misspelled all the same words, in the same way, as Jamie Leigh herself.

    Answer one simple question: What does Jamie Leighh do? She’s the self-proclaimed “undisputed Madonna of the cyber world is back and better than ever and continues to pave the way for others to follow in her innovative footsteps”. I honestly want to know: What footsteps? What makes her the Madonna of the cyber world? What the hell does she do that is so special? Does she paint? Act? Sing? What?!

    All I’ve ever seen her do is string together someone else’s words, then spam every popular blog she can.

  9. Dark1 says:

    first of all, what spelling mistakes? cant u read? cant u spell? please point out my typos as i cant see them. also are you trying to say u think i am/that post was from Jamie? how deluded you are. what does Jamie do? if u took the time to find out you would know what it is she does and what it is JL is about.what is it that you do apart from “insult” poeple that are trying to make a difference in this shitty world?are u jelous because your such a backward ugly redneck? what do u do that impacts on people`s lives? what do u do to make the world we live in a better place?u really just have no idea do you? none what so ever. i pitty you. your eyes are glued the fuck shut. you just dont see and you probably never will. as for “spamming” blogs, JL has a message for people that you just dont seem to understand, i see nothing wrong with USING blogs to spread what JL is all about. what else are blogs for if not to say sumthing to someone? get a life moron.

  10. Dark1 says:

    also what “security” issues do u have that u require people to give you thier email address to post?!?

  11. hahah! says:

    ! she’s given me one good laugh. is she an elaborate prank? it’s almost genius comedy.

    either that or the internet has lived up to being the largest open sewer of information imaginable

  12. Wow says:


    i am overwhelmed at how crazy this poor lady is. Absolutely dillusional.

    so so odd.

  13. BakedRooster says:

    OMG I dont usually post just read but man this is hilarious is this girl mentally retarded are what. Like anyone is buying her as other people. like a bunch of people are going to not only stick up for but totally praise such a nobody. LOL