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Designing Your Book’s Spine in InDesign CC

This free lesson, a snippet from the Pluralsight video course, InDesign CC Designing a Book Cover and Spine by Pariah Burke ( will teach you what information should be on your book cover’s spine and how to add that information…

InlineMerge Script for Current InDesign CC

Loic Aignon wrote the amaz­ing­ly use­ful InDesign script, InlineMerge.jsxbin, which, when added to InDesign’s Scripts Panels fold­er, en­ables us­ing Data Merge to merge mul­ti­ple records in­to the same sto­ry, in­clud­ing in­line im­ages. Data Merge can’t do that on its own,…

Brand Style Guide Template

As seen in my Pluralsight course, Creating a Brand Style Guide, and in the ar­ti­cles, whitepa­per, and we­bi­nar I re­cent­ly cre­at­ed in co­op­er­a­tion with Extensis, you can down­load the free, royalty-free brand style guide tem­plate you can use to cre­ate your…
99 Ways to Type 'I Love You' with Free Valentine's Day Fonts

99 Free Valentine’s Day Fonts

I romanced every free font resource, sampled every heart-shaped box of chocolatey type treats, and arranged this bouquet of 99 ways to type "I love you."Below you will find 99 Valentine's Day and love-inspired fonts--and they're all free! You can download each of them in TrueType format for use on either Windows or macOS.
99 Ways to Type 'I Love You' with Free Valentine's Day Fonts

99 Free Valentine’s Day Fonts

I ro­manced every free font re­source, sam­pled every heart-shaped box of choco­latey type treats, and arranged this bou­quet of 99 ways to type “I love you.” Below you will find 99 Valentine’s Day and love-inspired fonts–and they’re all free! You…

300+ Free Halloween Fonts (2015 Edition)

Speaking as a de­sign­er, Halloween is my fa­vorite an­nu­al hol­i­day. Creative pros can have more fun with Halloween de­signs than with projects tar­get­ed to any oth­er time of year. Maybe that’s why there are more Halloween-themed and -in­spired type­faces than for…
Fill InDesign's Fixed-Layout EPUB Gaps with CircularFLO

Fill InDesign’s Fixed-Layout EPUB Gaps with CircularFLO

InDesign is the world’s greatest layout application, but to be the world’s greatest ebook creation platform—especially for fixed-layout ebooks—it needs the help of CircularFLO. With CircularFLO, the options for creating fixed-layout ebooks for all genres and ebookstores are wide open.