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Building Fractions That Fit – Illustrator Typography

Creating fractions that don’t look anemic or spindly beside the rest of your text is easy but not entirely obvious to even frequent users of Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial you will learn how to create well-formed, believable fractions using ANY combination of one, two, three, or more numbers in both the numerator and denominator positions, using modern OpenType fonts or ANY font.

Excerpted from Pariah Burke’s comprehensive Pluralsight video course, Illustrator CC Typography.

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4 Responses

  1. Would you rate my artwork instagran is @kou_2d

  2. Beautiful! If only all the fonts had true Open Type numerators and denominators, life would be so much easier!
    But I’m absolutely NOT complaining. As someone who struggled with Letraset back in the day, I really appreciate how easy it already is to do proper typesetting today, even if I had to deal with those “manually” made fractions ;)

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