Design Saturday Market Free eSeminar Series


The free sem­i­nars are now on Tuesdays instead of Saturdays (so more peo­ple can attend). They’re also now called Tuesdays with Pariah, a Designers’ Discourse and they have their own page.

Come join me for the first in an ongo­ing series of free esem­i­nars this Saturday, 8 May 2010, at 11:00 AM Pacific (2:00 PM Eastern).

The Design Saturday Market (I might change the name; a free book to the per­son who comes up with a bet­ter name I can use) is a free-form, infor­mal online esem­i­nar open to all (the first 20 to sign in, at any rate). Each Saturday I’ll cov­er some­thing dif­fer­ent in the world of design, from InDesign, InCopy, Photoshop, Illustrator, or Acrobat soft­ware tuto­ri­als and tech­niques, to top­ics cov­er­ing the busi­ness of design.

I’m still firm­ing up the top­ic for this first ses­sion (sug­ges­tions wel­comed); maybe we’ll talk about some of the new fea­tures in InDesign CS5 or Photoshop CS5.

Log in here: http://​experts​.na3​.acro​bat​.com/​d​e​s​i​gnsat/

The top­ic for Saturday 8 May 2010 was InDesign CS5’s amaz­ing new Column Spanning and Splitting fea­tures. I showed you how to use them, then answered ques­tions about Live Corner Effects and Live Captions.

Watch the record­ed ses­sion here.

Next week’s top­ic: Making ePubs with InDesign and ePub 101

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