Is? Do the Math: New Designers Save Big on Creative Cloud

Do the Math: New Designers Save Big on Creative Cloud

Hadley is a new­ly mint­ed de­sign­er who grad­u­at­ed this year with a B.A. in de­sign. Afternoons and evenings she pulls taps at a lo­cal bar to earn a pay­check. Mornings she spends comb­ing Monster​.com, DesignJobsLive​.com, and var­i­ous temp agen­cy sites find­ing and ap­ply­ing for…
Is 2023 the year Mickey Mouse enters the public domain?

Mickey Mouse to Be Public Domain in 2023?

Now that Sherlock Holmes–both the character and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories–has been officially declared to be in the public domain, someone asked on Facebook when Mickey Mouse would enter the public domain. Being that I am, A) very…
300 Free Halloween Fonts 2013 Edition

300+ Free Halloween Fonts

Speaking as a de­sign­er, Halloween is my fa­vorite an­nu­al hol­i­day. Creative pros can have more fun with Halloween de­signs than with projects tar­get­ed to any oth­er time of year. Maybe that’s why there are more Halloween-themed and -in­spired type­faces than for…