Colorizing Black and White Photos in InDesign

In this tutorial, a free lesson from the Pluralsight video course, Designing in Duotone in InDesign by Pariah Burke (, you will learn how to colorize black and white photos directly in InDesign, replacing the monotone greyscale with another color…
Ai Typo 004 Handling Legacy Text

Handling Legacy Text in Adobe Illustrator

Working with older Illustrator documents—your own or others—could give you a scary-looking warning telling you that your document has Legacy Text. In this tutorial clip you’ll learn what Legacy Text is as well as how simple it is to be…

Designing Your Book’s Spine in InDesign CC

This free lesson, a snippet from the Pluralsight video course, InDesign CC Designing a Book Cover and Spine by Pariah Burke ( will teach you what information should be on your book cover’s spine and how to add that information…

Type Sizing Tricks in Adobe Illustrator

Learn tricks for sizing type without compromising quality, unnecessary mental acrobatics, or losing your train of thought. In this tutorial you will learn incredibly handy, master-level type sizing tricks including:
– Resizing Type with the Black Arrow
– Using Decimal…

InlineMerge Script for Current InDesign CC

Loic Aignon wrote the amaz­ing­ly use­ful InDesign script, InlineMerge.jsxbin, which, when added to InDesign’s Scripts Panels fold­er, en­ables us­ing Data Merge to merge mul­ti­ple records in­to the same sto­ry, in­clud­ing in­line im­ages. Data Merge can’t do that on its own,…