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Mastering InDesign CS5 for Print Design & Production

Mastering InDesign CS5 for Print Design & Production by Pariah Burke
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Author: Pariah S. Burke
Published: September 2010
Publisher: Sybex/Wiley
Pages: 739
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ISBN: 978-0470650981

Reader Reviews

Burdensome beginner materials skipped! It was such a joy to actually find a software book that doesn't start at the beginning. This book is for users of InDesign with some experience under their belts. It is also for those who are concerned about getting it right.

— Teresa L. Hansen


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The book used by ITT Tech­ni­cal Insti­tute to teach InDesign world­wide.

Comprehensive ref­er­ence and tuto­r­i­al on Adobe InDesign CS5

If you want to thor­ough­ly mas­ter InDesign from the basics through advanced top­ics, Mastering InDesign CS5 for Print Design and Production is the book you need. Written by the for­mer InDesign tech­ni­cal lead for Adobe, this book helps you achieve pro­fes­sion­al results through effi­cient pro­duc­tion work­flows and advanced tech­niques. You’ll learn how to col­lab­o­rate with­in work­groups; work effi­cient­ly with text, objects, and vari­able text; per­fect your print­ed out­put; get the most out of InDesign’s trans­paren­cy and effects tools, and much more. Above all, you’ll see how to han­dle pre­press to get the results you want.

  • Shows you how to use Adobe InDesign CS5 to achieve pro­fes­sion­al results
  • Written by the for­mer InDesign tech­ni­cal lead for Adobe, who, in addi­tion to his tech­ni­cal exper­tise, offers his own valu­able advice and lessons learned from 20 years in the graph­ic design busi­ness
  • Offers com­pre­hen­sive cov­er­age of top­ics, step-by-step instruc­tion, and numer­ous exam­ples and case stud­ies

Whether you’re just start­ing with InDesign or a pro­fes­sion­al using it every day, this com­pre­hen­sive guide will take your skills to a new lev­el.
From the Back Cover

Master the Power of InDesign to Get Professional Print and Prepress Results

If you’re a busy design­er rac­ing dai­ly dead­lines, the last thing you need is fluff. Mastering InDesign CS5 for Print Design and Production vaults you straight into the prac­ti­cal, every­day tech­niques you need to get pro­fes­sion­al results, today. Each chap­ter gets right to the point and cov­ers what pro­fes­sion­als need to mas­ter to work more effi­cient­ly: text, draw­ing, doc­u­ments, pre­flight, col­lab­o­ra­tion, and much more. Written by the for­mer InDesign tech­ni­cal lead for Adobe and packed with his invalu­able advice, this book shows you how to make InDesign’s tools work the way you work—saving time, improv­ing results, and free­ing you to focus on the cre­ative.

Coverage includes:

  • The new fea­tures of InDesign CS5 and how and why you should use them
  • Setting up press-ready pages and spreads with bleed, slug, and live areas
  • Placing and fit­ting images rapid­ly and accu­rate­ly
  • Using lay­ers, guides, grids, tem­plates, and libraries to speed the design process
  • Improving pro­duc­tiv­i­ty through reusable set­tings and assets
  • Working with InCopy to incor­po­rate col­lab­o­ra­tion
  • Customizing InDesign’s tools to meet the demands of dai­ly dead­lines
  • Exploring all that InDesign can do with text, char­ac­ters, and doc­u­ments
  • Revolutionizing your work­flow by using pages and sto­ries effec­tive­ly
  • Mastering essen­tial cal­i­bra­tion and col­or man­age­ment steps, even for grayscale jobs
  • Printing well and accu­rate­ly with the right pre­flight­ing pro­ce­dures
  • Getting more effi­cient and more cre­ative using smart work­flows
  • Optimize InDesign CS5 to Meet Your Print and Prepress Needs
  • Find Sophisticated Solutions to Everyday Design Challenges
  • Export Files to PDF, ePUB, IDML, XML, Flash®, HTML/XHTML, and JPEG
  • Review Your Knowledge with “Master It” Questions
  • Reinforce Skills with Real-World Examples and Case Studies