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Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter

Prerequisites: Success in this course depends on students having this knowledge before beginning this class.

A functional ability to use a recent version of PowerPoint to produce slides and presentations is essential to getting the most out of this class.
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In Tracks:

This course is part of the following workflow-oriented and product- or technology-oriented learning tracks: Adobe Presenter, eLearning & mLearning, eLearning / mLearning / Courseware, General Business, PowerPoint

Student Reviews

Makes learning easy. Couldn’t wish for a better instructor or consultant. Easily able to explain complex topics in understandable ways.

— Katie Hardin, MGM Mirage Design Group


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What You Will Learn

  • Planning for effective presentations
  • Creating interactive presentations
  • Using multimedia effectively and easily

Lesson Outline

The following is a list of possible topics for you to use as a guide. Your course will be fully customized to your unique goals, workflow, and learning pace. Because every course we teach is fully customized to each group, the following list of topics to be learned should be considered a guideline, one that will be expanded or altered as required to fit your needs.

Planning Presentations

  • Applying Bloom’s Taxonomy to take courses beyond textual “lecturing” and learner memorization.
  • Begin at the end – clarify course objectives and design courses to cover those objectives.
  • The importance of creating detailed storyboards.

Creating Presentations

  • Choose and customize a theme that complements the topic.
  • Design presentations in PowerPoint to optimize their effectiveness in Adobe Presenter.
  • Convert presentations from PowerPoint easily and accurately.
  • Import speaker notes from PowerPoint directly into Adobe Presenter as scripts.
  • Open Articulate Presenter presentations in Adobe Presenter, creating a copy that can be edited in Adobe Presenter. (Not all Articulate Presenter features are supported)
  • Customize the look and feel of the presentation user interface to include company branding logos, colors, presenter biographies, and photos.
  • Create presentations for mobile delivery as well as via desktop, the Web, video sharing sites, and Learning Management Systems (LMSs).
  • Attach Web pages, documents, PDFs, FlashPaper documents, SWF files, and spreadsheets to presentations as additional resources for the audience.

Multimedia and Testing

  • Enhance presentations with audio (voice-over narration, music, or sound effects), video, quizzes, and surveys, without ever leaving PowerPoint.
  • Create branching paths based on correct/incorrect quiz responses or options selected by the users.
  • Track student performance using reporting based on number of attempts, correct and incorrect responses, etc.
  • Reduce background noise in audio clips.
  • Adjust the timing of PowerPoint animations and audio to synchronize better.
  • Crop, trim, pan, zoom, and automatically adjust the brightness and sharpness of videos.
  • Dynamically mix slide presentations with webcam video.