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Advanced eBook Design

Prerequisites: Success in this course depends on students having this knowledge before beginning this class.

Basic knowledge of CSS and HTML would be helpful but are not required.Students should have already taken eBook Creation and Publishing or be able to complete the tasks described in that class description.
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In Tracks:

This course is part of the following workflow-oriented and product- or technology-oriented learning tracks: eBook Design & Production, eLearning & mLearning, eLearning / mLearning / Courseware, ePublishing & Digital Publishing, InDesign

Student Reviews

[Pariah has] what it takes to manage and organize a group of people, not only in terms of leadership, but also in terms of care and understanding. I am really glad to have worked with him.

— Elisabetta Bruno, Designer


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What You Will Learn

  • To format tables and list data
  • How to change fonts for some or all of your ebook
  • To embed custom fonts for styling beyond default fonts
  • To create dropcaps (large initial letters at the beginning of a paragraph)
  • To center and right-align text
  • To change text colors
  • To indent, outdent, and use vertical spacing
  • Embed video for the ereaders that support it
  • Test and validate your ebook
  • …And a whole lot more!

No Software Needed

Note: This course is not application-specific. You do not need to use InDesign, QuarkXPress, or any other particular application for this class. All the software you need for this course will be provided to you during the class.