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InDesign Master Class

InDesign Master Class

Prerequisites: Success in this course depends on students having this knowledge before beginning this class.

This course is intended for those already very comfortable using Adobe InDesign on the job. At the minimum you should have already taken the Advanced InDesign training class or have equivalent experience.
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In Tracks:

This course is part of the following workflow-oriented and product- or technology-oriented learning tracks: ePublishing & Digital Publishing, Graphic Design, InDesign, Writing & Editorial

Student Reviews

I was very happy with the value I received from this webinar…I got a lot more out of it than I had anticipated… It was my birthday present to myself and I’m so glad I indulged!

— Michelle, Project Design Inc.


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In InDesign Master Class, the ultimate and most advanced InDesign training class available anywhere, world-renowned InDesign guru and author Pariah Burke–the InDesign Grandmaster–reveals all the tricks, tips, and techniques of the masters, spilling all the InDesign secrets directly into your lap.

Complete this hands-on course and you will be an InDesign super-hero, a publishing powerhouse, a design diva, a blackbelt-wearing, pasteboard-breaking ninja Master of InDesign!

And, you’ll have the certificate to prove your status as InDesign Master, signed and sworn to by the InDesign Grandmaster himself.

Be advised: not all who begin the journey of this course will complete it. Many ring out, unable to handle the pressure of the course. Some students have even died as a result of their attempted journey toward mastery. (Upon enrollment you may be asked to sign a bodily harm liability waiver. All students are encouraged to have their wills up to date.)

If you have the fortitude and stamina, if you have the drive and heart, then you, too, should begin this journey. Just know that not all are tough enough, not all have strong enough InDesign Fu to complete this course; not all who strive for it will reach the rarified title of InDesign Master.

You Will Learn Master-Level Tips and Techniques For

  • Type and Text
  • Images
  • Shapes and Frames
  • Pages and Master Pages
  • Import and Export
  • Layers
  • Styles
  • Documents
  • Collaboration
  • Efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Swatches
  • And much, much more!

Lesson Outline

The following are the lessons you will learn on your journey to become an InDesign Master. Of course, as is his style and time permitting, the InDesign Grandmaster will teach you even more secrets not listed below.

Mastering Type

  • Linking to Word Documents for Automatic Updates
  • Changing Typefaces Without Using the Mouse
  • Turning Off Hyphenation by Default
  • Defining Widows and Orphans
  • Addressing Widows, Orphans, and Other Type Fitting Concerns
  • Copyfitting by Changing Page Geometry
  • Preventing Widows with Keep Options
  • Copyfitting by Balancing Columns
  • Copyfitting with Balance Ragged Lines
  • Copyfitting with Manual Line Breaks
  • Replacing Manual Line Breaks with Discretionary Line Breaks
  • Copyfitting by Adjusting Word Spacing
  • Copyfitting by Altering Tracking
  • Copyfitting by Scaling
  • Directing Readers with Jumplines and Callbacks
  • Putting Type on the Top and Bottom of a Circle
  • Selecting Type
  • Drag and Drop Text Editing
  • Dragging and Dropping Text to New Frame
  • Swapping Spelling and Hyphenation Language Mid-Sentence
  • Sorting Lists and Paragraphs Alphanumerically
  • Sorting Comma-Separated Items in a Sentence
  • Defining Custom Bullets
  • Setting Bullet Color and Style Separate from Bulleted Text
  • Creating and Saving Glyph Sets of Your Commonly Used Symbols
  • Changing InDesign’s Default Font
  • Previewing Fonts Live on Your Text
  • Filtering and Searching the Font Family Menu
  • Seeing What Text is Overset
  • Reversing Text Headers
  • Reversing Whole Paragraphs with Paragraph Shading
  • Highlighting Text at the Character Level
  • Autosizing Text Frames
  • Finding Word and Character Counts
  • Inserting Non-Latin Placeholder Text
  • Tabbing to New Table Rows
  • Inserting Tabs into Table Cells
  • Formatting with Nested Styles
  • Formatting Sequential Elements with Multiple Nested Styles
  • Applying Character Styles to Words Inside Paragraphs with a GREP Style
  • Adding Words and Names to InDesign’s Dictionary
  • Teaching InDesign to Hyphenate Words it Doesn’t Know
  • Making Some Words and Proper Names Never Hyphenate
  • Keeping Compound Word Parts Together with Non-Breaking Hyphens
  • Configuring URLs and Phrases to Never Break Across Lines
  • Applying No Break On Demand with a Single-Click
  • Applying No Break Automatically with GREP Style
  • Adding Selective Hyphenation Exceptions with Discretionary Hyphens
  • Stopping a Single Instance of a Word from Hyphenating
  • Changing Hyphenation Behavior and Frequency
  • Using Italic and Bold Character Styles (Always)
  • Switching the Control Panel Between Character and Paragraph Mode with a Shortcut
  • Forcing InDesign to Recompose All Text to Reflect Changes
  • Mixing or Choosing a Non-Swatch Color Inside the Paragraph Style Options Dialog

Mastering Objects

  • Embedding Images
  • Relinking Embedded Images
  • Extracting or Unembedding Embedded Images
  • Determining Is It Vector Or Is It Raster?
  • Copying the Path of Missing Links
  • Editing Original in Batch
  • Using Tints
  • Creating Tint Swatches
  • Recoloring Tint-Colored Publications
  • Tinting Greyscale Images
  • Convert Clipping Paths To Frames
  • Reversing Paths Instead of Redrawing
  • Corner Options on Arrows and Other Paths
  • Using all the Different Copy, Duplicate, and Paste Commands
  • Speeding Duplication with Step and Repeat
  • Working with Gridify Behaviors
  • Using Gridify on Different Types of Objects
  • Controlling Gridified Elements’ Gap Size
  • Using the Gap Tool
  • Aligning and Distributing Objects and Spacing
  • Aligning to a Key Object
  • Single-Click Selecting All Objects On Layer
  • Creating Two-For-One Guides
  • Placing Guides On Pages Or On Spreads
  • Anchoring Objects to Wrap Lines They’re On
  • Locking Objects
  • Relocating the Rotation and Shear Axis
  • Transforming Again and Again Individually
  • Transforming Again With Multiple Transformations
  • Suppressing Printing of Placeholder Items
  • Designing Custom Stroke Styles
  • Coloring Stroke Gaps
  • Drawing Triangles
  • Drawing Starbursts and Seals
  • Putting an Image Inside Text
  • Realistic Drop Shadows: Drop Shadow Settings
  • Realistic Drop Shadows: Shadow Color
  • Realistic Drop Shadows: Add Noise
  • Realistic Drop Shadows: Position
  • Understanding and Changing Global Light
  • Knowing When Not To Use Global Light
  • Copying Effects to Other Objects

Mastering Documents

  • Starting A Document On A Left-Hand Page
  • Creating Spreads With More Than Two Pages
  • Making Multiple Page Sizes in One Document
  • Changing Margins On Only Some Pages
  • Rotating Spreads for Calendars and Other Vertical Spreads
  • Copying and Moving Pages Between Documents
  • Turning the Pages Panel into a Proofing Tool
  • Color Coding Pages Panel Pages for Organization and Workflow
  • Opening Multiple Views of the Same Document for Design and Proofing
  • Making the Pages Panel a Horizontal Tool
  • Printing from the Pages Panel
  • Overriding All Master Page Items on the Spread
  • Overriding Doesn’t Mean Completely Detaching
  • Applying and Reapplying Master Pages to Many Pages At Once
  • Basing Master Pages on Other Master Pages
  • Converting Document Pages to Master Pages
  • Strategies for Naming Master Pages
  • Keeping Master Page Page Numbers Atop Document Pages
  • Isolating Layer Visibility with One Click
  • Locking and Unlocking All Other Layers with One Click
  • Replacing One Color with Another Throughout An Entire Document
  • Replacing One Color With Another Throughout An Entire Document Delete Spot Swatch
  • Picking Colors from Images and Apply to Other Objects
  • Generating Color Themes from Images with Color Theme Tool
  • Changing Document Color Space and Whether You Should
  • Over-the-Shoulder Proofing with Presentation Mode
  • Changing Preview Mode’s Background Color
  • Fixing Corrupt InDesign Documents
  • Automatically Creating IDML and PDF Document Versions in One Operation

Mastering Productivity

  • Hiding and Restoring the Welcome Screen
  • Preloading New Documents with Your Company or Client Colors
  • Creating and Synching Color Swatches Across CC Desktop and Mobile Apps
  • Importing Styles From One Document Into Another
  • Preloading New Documents with Frequently Used Styles
  • Assigning and Changing Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Reusing the Same Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Customizing Menus
  • Sorting Menus Alphabetically for Faster Command Access
  • Creating Ruler Guides with Double-Click
  • Snapping Guide Placement to Ruler Tick Marks
  • Converting Ruler Guides Between Horizontal and Vertical as You Drag
  • Duplicating Ruler Guides
  • Stepping and Repeating Ruler Guides to Quickly Create Grids
  • Selecting All Guides on a Page or Spread
  • Deleting Ruler Guides One at a Time or All at Once
  • Using Multi-Color Guides
  • Making Shapes and Frames Easier to Select
  • Doing Math in Measurement Fields
  • Resizing, Moving, and Transforming by Percentage
  • Resizing, Moving, and Transforming in Any Measurement System
  • Permanently Changing Measurements from Those P Things
  • Swapping Measurement Systems with a Keyboard Shortcut
  • Switching the Rulers’ Measurement System on the Fly
  • Building an Autocorrect Shorthand System
  • Using Text Variables for Convenience, Adaptability, and Reliability
  • Automatically Time-Stamping Modification and Print Dates Text Variables
  • Installing Older Versions of Adobe Applications
  • Upgrading CC Applications without Losing Previous Versions
  • Inserting Icons (or Other Content) Within Headers Using GREP
  • Creating Relative Type Sizes with Percentages of Other Type Sizes
  • Auto-Adapting Relative Type Sizes with Percentages of Other Type Sizes
  • Running InDesign and Applying Styles Entirely from the Keyboard
  • Limiting, Expanding, and Filtering Quick Apply
  • Organizing Styles into Style Groups
  • Basing Objects Styles on One Another
  • Giving Yourself More Room with Larger Pasteboards
  • When Pressing the Spacebar Doesn’t Activate the Hand Tool
  • Duplicating Objects with the Mouse and Super Step and Repeat
  • Zooming to Fit Selected Object in the Window
  • Viewing the Complete History of an InDesign Document
  • Automatically Adding Pages as Need with Smart Text Reflow
  • Automatically Deleting Empty Pages
  • Doing Things with a Loaded Cursor
  • Changing the Size of Previews in the Font Family Menu
  • Turning Off Font Previews in the Font Menu
  • Toggling Between Frame and Text Colors with a Keyboard Shortcut
  • Creating a Collage Effect with a Single Image
  • Customizing the Eyedropper Tool to Sample Only Certain Formatting Options
  • Unmuddying InDesign Gradients
  • Unmudding Gradient Swatches with Mixed Ink
  • Importing Illustrator Gradient Swatches in InDesign
  • Understanding the Placed Pages Workflow
  • Using the Placed Pages Workflow
  • Collaborating at the Object-Level with the Placed Pages Workflow

Schedule your Master Class Adobe InDesign training class now and take your place among the hallowed legends of the InDesign Masters!