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InDesign Special Effects for Fun and Profit

InDesign Special Effects for Fun and Profit

Prerequisites: Success in this course depends on students having this knowledge before beginning this class.

All skill levels are welcomed. The event can be tailored to address an audience that is already expert in the use of InDesign or that is completely new and has never touched InDesign before.
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In Tracks:

This course is part of the following workflow-oriented and product- or technology-oriented learning tracks: ePublishing & Digital Publishing, Graphic Design, InDesign, Personal Growth

Student Reviews

Pariah was amazing. Very friendly and walked us through the training in a very simple matter. He was able to teach us a lot of information in just one day and I didn’t feel overwhelmed.

— Elizabeth Lee, Oracle


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Ever wanted to put photographs inside text or create stamped or cutout text for your brochures? How about creating cast shadows of text for fliers? Making your own holiday cards or invitations? Why not create a collage of images inside the shape of a jack-o-lantern, valentine, or any shape? In this course you’ll learn how to do all of that and more in just a few easy steps in Adobe InDesign.

We make every training class fun, but our unique Effects for Fun and Profit events are a real blast! They’re all about cool effects and fun, creative techniques. Each event is a series of tutorials that take you through recreating–and having fun with–creative InDesign Special Effects you can use on the job or at home on personal projects. Every attendee has a good time and learns something new, for beginners and advanced InDesign users.

As a class or as a lecture, InDesign Special Effects for Fun and Profit is ideal for…

  • Corporate parties
  • Employee rewards and motivation
  • Celebrations
  • Capping off standard training courses and reinforcing prior days’ education

InDesign Special Effects for Fun and Profit is a hands-on, instructor-led session that can be adapted to fit your timetable. It’s minimum length is 1 hour in lecture (non-hands-on) form or as a 2- to 4-hour hands-on course with students following each technique to create their own designs.

The below are just some of the effects and techniques you can learn in InDesign Special Effects for Fun and Profit. We have hundreds more hands-on effects recipes ready and waiting for you!

  • Creating Cast Shadows (Not Drop Shadows, Real Cast Shadows)
  • Filling Text with an Image
  • Filling Text with Multiple Images
  • Creating a Letterpress Effect
  • Creating Illustrative Image Frames in 10 Seconds & with­out the Pen Tool
  • Tinting B&W Images
  • Coloring Text with Gradients
  • Creating Highlighted Text Effects
  • Turning Any Image Frame into a Polaroid
  • Creating Metallic Type
  • And More!

Note that the length you select for the course will alter the number of techniques presented–the longer the course, the more techniques you can learn.

As a 3-hour hands-on class or as a fun 1-hour lecture at your next corporate retreat, our unique Effects for Fun and Profit events are practical and fun for everyone.