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Photoshop for Evidence Preparation & Litigation

Photoshop for Evidence Preparation & Litigation
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This course is part of the following workflow-oriented and product- or technology-oriented learning tracks: Legal Profession, Photoshop

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When it comes to all things Digital Publishing, Pariah has an encyclopedic knowledge of where the industry has come from, has his finger on the pulse of the present, and knows where it is going.

— Ben Erwin, Powersimple


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Photoshop for Evidence Preparation & Litigation is designed specif­i­cal­ly to assist lit­i­ga­tors and their inves­ti­ga­tors in analysing and prepar­ing image and video evi­dence for court pre­sen­ta­tion. This course will to help you build an account­able, repeat­able work­flow to ana­lyze and enhance images while remain­ing true to the con­tent and con­text of orig­i­nal image and video evi­dence.

Photoshop for Evidence Preparation & Litigation course will teach you a work­flow that address­es dig­i­tal imag­ing evi­dence con­cerns raised by State v. Swinton (aka “the Swinton Six Challenge”).

What You Will Learn

  • Reveal and enhance fea­tures not vis­i­ble to the naked eye
  • Add labels and call­outs
  • Obscure U.C.s, C.I.s, and oth­er ele­ments that must be pro­tect­ed
  • Fixing focus prob­lems
  • Correcting for cam­era shake
  • Proper archival process­es
  • Reveal details in hid­den deep shad­ow
  • Reveal details in hid­den bright glares
  • Automating process­es in Photoshop
  • Batch oper­a­tions
  • Automatic image pro­cess­ing with­out open­ing Photoshop
  • Batch file renam­ing
  • Adding and edit­ing meta­da­ta
  • Digital dark­room tech­niques
  • Scanning
  • Correct extreme angles to reveal hid­den details
  • Fourier trans­for­ma­tion
  • Noise reduc­tion
  • Sharpening
  • Surveillance video screen cap­ture
  • Video de-interlacing tech­niques
  • Video cap­ture enhance­ments
  • Sizing one to one
  • Photogrammetry (mea­sur­ing objects and dis­tances)
  • Admissibility in Court
  • …And more.