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Secret Functions of Adobe Acrobat Professional

Secret Functions of Adobe Acrobat Professional
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This course is part of the following workflow-oriented and product- or technology-oriented learning tracks: Acrobat & PDF, Business of Design, General Business, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Law Enforcement / Mil. / Intel., Legal Profession, Scientific & Forensic, Writing & Editorial

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When it comes to all things Digital Publishing, Pariah has an encyclopedic knowledge of where the industry has come from, has his finger on the pulse of the present, and knows where it is going.

— Ben Erwin, Powersimple


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We all use PDFs and Adobe Acrobat on a reg­u­lar basisthe mod­ern world couldn’t func­tion with­out PDFs. Still, despite the con­stant use, there are many fea­tures and almost mys­ti­cal pow­ers with­in Adobe Acrobat Professional that even many expe­ri­enced users don’t know about. In this unique Acrobat train­ing course we’ll explore those hid­den gems and what they can do in the real world for you and your worksav­ing you hours of labor, mak­ing col­lab­o­ra­tion among your team smoother and less error-prone, build­ing a per­ma­nent archive of court-admissible e-mail, cre­at­ing water­marks and warn­ings that only appear in print, not onscreen, and much, much more.