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The Wild, Wild West of ePublishing

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This course is part of the following workflow-oriented and product- or technology-oriented learning tracks: Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, eBook Design & Production, ePublishing & Digital Publishing, Tablet Publishing

Student Reviews

I like the open conversation with other attendees. I liked that a wide breadth of content was covered…I gained a better understanding and more ammunition on how to explain that creating ePublications, both interactive and for eReaders, isn’t just a magic click of a button like management seems to think.

— Paul, St. Mary’s Press


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Digital publishing isn’t the future, it’s the present. With iPads and smartphones literally everywhere, that truth is self-evident. No, print is not dead, but print no longer means just ink on paper; print means delivering content through any and all physical and digital forms your audience might use. But does that mean using Adobe DPS, Aquafadas, PressRun, Mag+, Issuu, Zinio, PixelMags, EPUB or KF8 ebooks, PDF, HTML5, Flash, Apple iBooks, or…?

Which formats deliver the content you need? Which delivery channels reach your audience? Which systems fit into your budget?

All of these questions and more are answered in The Wild, Wild West of ePublishing. This course lays out for you all the formats, systems, channels, and devices you have for publishing content through electronic means. It shows you each option’s pros and its cons, discusses each option’s pricing and policies, and identifies who can and cannot see content distributed in that option.

At the end of this course you will know what format, system, and channel you want to dive into for your next digital publishing project. You will also possess a strong understanding of the entirety of the digital publishing landscape.

This course includes at least 30 minutes for Q&A to address specific questions, scenarios, and workflows.