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Adobe DPS 2015: Adding Content from HTML and WordPress

Author: Pariah Burke
Publisher: Train Simple
Length: 1 Hour
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Learn to create HTML-based articles to create dynamic and interactive digital magazines, e-catalogs, and interactive elearning experiences with Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (Adobe DPS 2015 / Adobe DPS 2016) and how to use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress to push HTML-based articles directly or indirectly into DPS for a streamlined or even completely automated publishing system.

Adobe DPS 2015 / Adobe DPS 2016 publications are increasingly HTML-based. With the near limitless interactivity potential within modern HTML–HTML5–it’s no wonder. InDesign isn’t being phased out of the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution workflow, but even content already living within InDesign can be converted to HTML.

For content that doesn’t begin in InDesign, content that starts or lives within a content management system,
Adobe DPS 2015 / Adobe DPS 2016 offers special integrations to go directly from certain CMS into DPS.

In this course we’ll explore both the subject of creating digital publication content in HTML as well as within the WordPress online content management system to create dynamic and interactive digital magazines, auto-fed or semi-auto-fed e-catalogs and ecommerce apps, and interactive elearning experiences.

Course Contents

Creating HTML Articles for Adobe DPS 2015

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Fixed-Layout Versus Responsive
  • Exporting HTML from InDesign
  • Setting General Export Options
  • Choosing Image Export Options
  • Finalizing HTML Export
  • Editing the Exported HTML and CSS
  • Installing HTML Packager
  • Converting HTML to Articles
  • Uploading Articles

Integrating the WordPress CMS with Adobe DPS 2015

  • Installing the WordPress Plugin
  • Configuring the Plugin
  • Creating an Article in WordPress
  • Creating an Article in the Plugin
  • Supplying Article Metadata
  • Setting Article Details
  • Managing Articles