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Illustrator Courses

Workflow-oriented customized training and consulting for organizations and professionals with real world jobs, real world goals, and real world thinking.

From a Satisfied Client:

Pariah was amazing. Very friendly and walked us through the training in a very simple matter. He was able to teach us a lot of information in just one day and I didn't feel overwhelmed.

— Elizabeth Lee, Oracle

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Used by illus­tra­tors, design­ers, artists, fash­ion design­ers, engi­neers, archi­tects, and Web and mobile design­ers, Adobe Illustrator is the vet­er­an vec­tor graph­ics pow­er­house that has dom­i­nat­ed the mar­ket for 30 years. Illustrator gives users both absolute pre­ci­sion and unfet­tered artis­tic free­dom to design logos, illus­tra­tions, prod­ucts, maps, charts, photo-realistic paint­ings, and much more.