Graphic Design Training Classes

Graphic Design Courses

Workflow-oriented customized training and consulting for organizations and professionals with real world jobs, real world goals, and real world thinking.

From a Satisfied Client:

When it comes to all things Digital Publishing, Pariah has an encyclopedic knowledge of where the industry has come from, has his finger on the pulse of the present, and knows where it is going.

— Ben Erwin, Powersimple

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Used by illus­tra­tors, design­ers, artists, fash­ion design­ers, engi­neers, archi­tects, and Web and mobile design­ers, Adobe Illustrator is the vet­er­an vec­tor graph­ics pow­er­house that has dom­i­nat­ed the mar­ket for 30 years. Illustrator gives users both absolute pre­ci­sion and unfet­tered artis­tic free­dom to design logos, illus­tra­tions, prod­ucts, maps, charts, photo-realistic paint­ings, and much more.