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InCopy CC Fundamentals

Author: Pariah Burke
Publisher: Pluralsight
Length: 2 Hours
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In this course, publishing workflow expert Pariah Burke introduces Adobe’s best kept secret, InDesign’s editorial counterpart, Adobe InCopy. Built to be to writers and editors what InDesign is to production and layout, InCopy is a professional writing and editing environment without the non-editorial kitchen sink features in other word processors.

Pariah will guide you through the InCopy environment and its unique features, helping you tailor the program to your liking. From there, you’ll get right to the heart of the tool by writing and editing stories. For some, the course could end right there. However, if you want more control over the look and style of your copy, you’ll learn everything you could possibly want to know with the detailed instruction in the Formatting Text, Working with Styles, Working with Images, and Working with Tabs and Tables lessons. The latter also includes methods for integrating data from Excel.

Efficient writers and editors–which should be all of us–will relish all the productivity powers of InCopy covered in the Saving Time lesson. Finally, you’ll wrap up your InCopy education by learning how to work with, and track changes by, team members, collaborators, and freelancers, whether they work in InCopy, InDesign, or Microsoft Word.

Course Contents

The InCopy Interface

  • Introduction
  • Exploring Panels and Toolbars
  • Docking and Collapsing Panels
  • Defining Workspaces
  • Changing the Interface Color
  • Zooming In and Out
  • Adjusting Display Performance
  • Changing Document Views
  • Arranging Document Windows
  • Starting a New Document
  • Creating Reusable Custom Page Sizes
  • Saving and Using Document Presets

Writing in InCopy

  • Learning the Terminology of Content
  • Writing in the Three Views
  • Customizing Writing Environment Fonts
  • Revealing and Identifying Hidden Characters
  • Counting Lines, Words, and Characters
  • Writing to the Hole with Copyfit Progress Information
  • Writing in Layout View
  • Dealing with Overset Text
  • Checking Content In and Out
  • Editing Multiple Stories
  • Inserting Breaks
  • Inserting Common Special Characters
  • Inserting Accented Characters
  • Inserting Any Glyph
  • Inserting Varieties of White Space
  • Adding Footnotes
  • Checking Spelling
  • Editing and Sharing the User Dictionary
  • Enabling and Disabling Hyphenation
  • Using Discretionary Hyphens
  • Setting Universal Hyphenation Exceptions
  • Preventing Phrase and Proper Name Breaking
  • Using the Thesaurus


  • A Word about Word
  • Importing Word Documents
  • Resolving Style Conflicts
  • Exporting to Word Processors
  • Setting Your User Name and Color
  • Enabling Change Tracking for Review
  • Approving and Rejecting Changes
  • Adding Notes
  • Collaborating and Communicating with Notes