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InDesign CC Designing a Flyer

Author: Pariah Burke
Publisher: Pluralsight
Length: 60 Minutes
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Whether you’re a new designer, the office manager, or helping out your local church or school, you will at some point want to create a single-page flyer for print or online use. InDesign CC Designing a Flyer is a short, sweet, and start-to-finish project course that will have you begin with a blank page and little to no prior knowledge of InDesign, and end with you having a ready-to-print and ready-to-post flyer in-hand. Veteran InDesign instructor and Pluralsight author Pariah Burke makes the process of expressing your creativity easy and fun. Through hands-on, easy-to-follow instruction he also gives you the confidence to do it again anytime without help, designing your next one, two, or a hundred flyers with ease. Spend a fast-moving, fun hour with InDesign CC Designing a Flyer and you’ll be designing your own single-page flyers for print and online every day thereafter!

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Course Contents

  1. Creating the Right New Document
  2. Setting Bleeds and Live Area
  3. Drawing Shapes
  4. Filling and Stroking Objects with Color
  5. Modifying and Positioning Objects
  6. Placing Images
  7. Using Photos from Adobe Stock
  8. Creating Text Frames
  9. Formatting Text
  10. Giving Text Background Colors
  11. Sampling and Applying Text Attributes
  12. Printing Your Flyer
  13. Sending Your Flyer to a Print Shop
  14. Posting Your Flyer Online
  15. Next Steps