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InDesign CC Integration with InCopy CC

Author: Pariah Burke
Publisher: Pluralsight
Length: 1 Hour
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In this course Pariah Burke speaks to both Editorial and Design, addressing both sides of publishing to enable all creative personnel to forge and maintain a collaborative, productive, accountable integration using best-of-breed editorial and design tools InCopy and InDesign. You will learn to integrate InCopy with InDesign to build an efficient workflow wherein editorial personnel maintain control over editorial content until the very last moment, while production personnel continue to design the pages, and right up until the moment of deadline. You will also learn how to include remote workers in the workflow without sacrificing collaboration, control, or accountability.

Course Contents

Introduction to InCopy

  • The Similarities to InDesign
  • Editing in Three Views
  • Understanding Container and Content
  • Handling Overset Text

Your Workflow Options

  • The Three Threes
  • Direct Editing of InDesign Documents
  • Beginning in InCopy Before Design
  • Working on Assignments
  • Configuring Users

Workflows from the Designers’ Side

  • Foreword: InDesign is In Control
  • Exporting Stories and Images to InCopy
  • Working with InCopy Content Inside InDesign
  • Using the Assignments Panel
  • Creating an Assignment
  • Adding and Updating Content in Assignments
  • Unlinking and Embedding InCopy Content
  • Overriding Checkouts
  • Creating and Opening Packages
  • Best Practices for Designers Building for InCopy Users

Workflows from Editorial’s Side

  • Foreword: Editorial Controls Editorial
  • Beginning in InCopy
  • Editing Stories Exported from InDesign
  • Working with an Assignment
  • Using the Assignments Panel
  • Editing Images in an Assignment
  • Working with Packages