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InDesign CC: Mastering Documents with Pariah Burke

Author: Pariah Burke
Publisher: Pluralsight
Length: 1 Hour 19 Minutes
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This on-going course from Pariah Burke will give you dozens of tips, tricks, and tech­niques to help you mas­ter work­ing with InDesign doc­u­ments, in­clud­ing pages, spreads, lay­ers, col­ors, and much, much more.

Course Contents

  • Starting A Document On A Left-Hand Page
  • Creating Spreads With More Than Two Pages
  • Making Multiple Page Sizes in One Document
  • Changing Margins On Only Some Pages
  • Rotating Spreads for Calendars and Other Vertical Spreads
  • Copying and Moving Pages Between Documents
  • Turning the Pages Panel in­to a Proofing Tool
  • Color Coding Pages Panel Pages for Organization and Workflow
  • Opening Multiple Views of the Same Document for Design and Proofing
  • Making the Pages Panel a Horizontal Tool
  • Printing from the Pages Panel
  • Overriding All Master Page Items on the Spread
  • Overriding Doesn’t Mean Completely Detaching
  • Applying and Reapplying Master Pages to Many Pages At Once
  • Basing Master Pages on Other Master Pages
  • Converting Document Pages to Master Pages
  • Strategies for Naming Master Pages
  • Keeping Master Page Page Numbers Atop Document Pages
  • Isolating Layer Visibility with One Click
  • Locking and Unlocking All Other Layers with One Click
  • Replacing One Color with Another Throughout An Entire Document
  • Replacing One Color With Another Throughout An Entire Document Delete Spot Swatch
  • Picking Colors from Images and Apply to Other Objects
  • Generating Color Themes from Images with Color Theme Tool
  • Changing Document Color Space and Whether You Should
  • Over-the-Shoulder Proofing with Presentation Mode
  • Changing Preview Mode’s Background Color
  • Fixing Corrupt InDesign Documents
  • Automatically Creating IDML and PDF Document Versions in One Operation