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InDesign CC: Mastering Productivity with Pariah Burke

Author: Pariah Burke
Publisher: Train Simple
Length: 3 Hours
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Pariah Burke’s Mastering InDesign Productivity gives you dozens of tips, tricks, and techniques to help you master working productively, efficiently, with maximum creativity, in InDesign. The goal of this course is to save you time and money, clocking less overtime and having more life-time.

Course Contents

  • Hiding and Restoring the Welcome Screen
  • Preloading New Documents with Your Company or Client Colors
  • Creating and Synching Color Swatches Across CC Desktop and Mobile Apps
  • Importing Styles From One Document Into Another
  • Preloading New Documents with Frequently Used Styles
  • Assigning and Changing Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Reusing the Same Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Customizing Menus
  • Sorting Menus Alphabetically for Faster Command Access
  • Creating Ruler Guides with Double-Click
  • Snapping Guide Placement to Ruler Tick Marks
  • Converting Ruler Guides Between Horizontal and Vertical as You Drag
  • Duplicating Ruler Guides
  • Stepping and Repeating Ruler Guides to Quickly Create Grids
  • Selecting All Guides on a Page or Spread
  • Deleting Ruler Guides One at a Time or All at Once
  • Using Multi-Color Guides
  • Making Shapes and Frames Easier to Select
  • Doing Math in Measurement Fields
  • Resizing, Moving, and Transforming by Percentage
  • Resizing, Moving, and Transforming in Any Measurement System
  • Permanently Changing Measurements from Those P Things
  • Swapping Measurement Systems with a Keyboard Shortcut
  • Switching the Rulers’ Measurement System on the Fly
  • Building an Autocorrect Shorthand System
  • Using Text Variables for Convenience, Adaptability, and Reliability
  • Automatically Time-Stamping Modification and Print Dates Text Variables
  • Installing Older Versions of Adobe Applications
  • Upgrading CC Applications without Losing Previous Versions
  • Inserting Icons (or Other Content) Within Headers Using GREP
  • Creating Relative Type Sizes with Percentages of Other Type Sizes
  • Auto-Adapting Relative Type Sizes with Percentages of Other Type Sizes
  • Running InDesign and Applying Styles Entirely from the Keyboard
  • Limiting, Expanding, and Filtering Quick Apply
  • Organizing Styles into Style Groups
  • Basing Objects Styles on One Another
  • Giving Yourself More Room with Larger Pasteboards
  • When Pressing the Spacebar Doesn’t Activate the Hand Tool
  • Duplicating Objects with the Mouse and Super Step and Repeat
  • Zooming to Fit Selected Object in the Window
  • Viewing the Complete History of an InDesign Document
  • Automatically Adding Pages as Need with Smart Text Reflow
  • Automatically Deleting Empty Pages
  • Doing Things with a Loaded Cursor
  • Changing the Size of Previews in the Font Family Menu
  • Turning Off Font Previews in the Font Menu
  • Toggling Between Frame and Text Colors with a Keyboard Shortcut
  • Creating a Collage Effect with a Single Image
  • Customizing the Eyedropper Tool to Sample Only Certain Formatting Options
  • Unmuddying InDesign Gradients
  • Unmudding Gradient Swatches with Mixed Ink
  • Importing Illustrator Gradient Swatches in InDesign
  • Understanding the Placed Pages Workflow
  • Using the Placed Pages Workflow
  • Collaborating at the Object-Level with the Placed Page Workflow