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InDesign CC: Mastering Type with Pariah Burke

Author: Pariah Burke
Publisher: Train Simple
Length: 2 Hours
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Text is as at the heart of nearly every InDesign project. Fitting, then, that InDesign is the world’s most advanced type-setting platform. With all the text setting, styling, and manipulation power present in InDesign, it’s entirely possible–indeed, PROBABLE–that a few of those powers have slipped beneath your notice. That’s what Mastering InDesign Type and Text with Pariah Burke is about. What follows are tips, tricks, and techniques to help you find and use ALL of InDesign’s text powers.

Course Contents

  • Linking to Word Documents for Automatic Updates
  • Changing Typefaces Without Using the Mouse
  • Turning Off Hyphenation by Default
  • Defining Widows and Orphans
  • Addressing Widows, Orphans, and Other Type Fitting Concerns
  • Copyfitting by Changing Page Geometry
  • Preventing Widows with Keep Options
  • Copyfitting by Balancing Columns
  • Copyfitting with Balance Ragged Lines
  • Copyfitting with Manual Line Breaks
  • Replacing Manual Line Breaks with Discretionary Line Breaks
  • Copyfitting by Adjusting Word Spacing
  • Copyfitting by Altering Tracking
  • Copyfitting by Scaling
  • Directing Readers with Jumplines and Callbacks
  • Putting Type on the Top and Bottom of a Circle
  • Selecting Type
  • Drag and Drop Text Editing
  • Dragging and Dropping Text to New Frame
  • Swapping Spelling and Hyphenation Language Mid-Sentence
  • Sorting Lists and Paragraphs Alphanumerically
  • Sorting Comma-Separated Items in a Sentence
  • Defining Custom Bullets
  • Setting Bullet Color and Style Separate from Bulleted Text
  • Creating and Saving Glyph Sets of Your Commonly Used Symbols
  • Changing InDesign’s Default Font
  • Previewing Fonts Live on Your Text
  • Filtering and Searching the Font Family Menu
  • Seeing What Text is Overset
  • Reversing Text Headers
  • Reversing Whole Paragraphs with Paragraph Shading
  • Highlighting Text at the Character Level
  • Autosizing Text Frames
  • Finding Word and Character Counts
  • Inserting Non-Latin Placeholder Text
  • Tabbing to New Table Rows
  • Inserting Tabs into Table Cells
  • Formatting with Nested Styles
  • Formatting Sequential Elements with Multiple Nested Styles
  • Applying Character Styles to Words Inside Paragraphs with a GREP Style
  • Adding Words and Names to InDesign’s Dictionary
  • Teaching InDesign to Hyphenate Words it Doesn’t Know
  • Making Some Words and Proper Names Never Hyphenate
  • Keeping Compound Word Parts Together with Non-Breaking Hyphens
  • Configuring URLs and Phrases to Never Break Across Lines
  • Applying No Break On Demand with a Single-Click
  • Applying No Break Automatically with GREP Style
  • Adding Selective Hyphenation Exceptions with Discretionary Hyphens
  • Stopping a Single Instance of a Word from Hyphenating
  • Changing Hyphenation Behavior and Frequency
  • Using Italic and Bold Character Styles (Always)
  • Switching the Control Panel Between Character and Paragraph Mode with a Shortcut
  • Forcing InDesign to Recompose All Text to Reflect Changes
  • Mixing or Choosing a Non-Swatch Color Inside the Paragraph Style Options Dialog