Creative Community Bulletin On 02 July 2009 (09:05 to 18:12)

These are the articles, blogs, and resources I found interesting and worthy of sharing for 02 July 2009 from 09:05 to 18:12:

  • How to Copy Content Into WordPress From Microsoft Word – It isn’t unusual for me to get a request to fix a WordPress site that doesn’t show some posts in Internet Explorer. After banging my head on my desk and cursing Microsoft, I get to work cleaning up these phantom blog posts. Upon looking at the code via the HTML tab on the WordPress editing screen, I could easily put the blame on the post’s author by copying and pasting directly from Microsoft Word.

    Microsoft Word, when pasted, adds a lot of junk code, which is intended to keep formatting, but instead can seriously annihilate a website layout and prevent browsers (such as IE) from viewing sections by using conditional comments.

    So how can you keep the formatting you have in your Word Document without screwing up your post?

  • 20 Great Online Image Editors – The online image editing space has grown rapidly in the past year, providing great free and subscription-based options for users of all levels. These well-rounded services let you import images from your social networks, touch up photos, promote your work, and more. Here are 20 online image editors that are worth a try.

    What are you looking for from an image editor when you go online?

  • 200 Mind-Blowing Wallpapers | Delliblog – When it comes to the nature, we can’t resist its beauty. The beauty of nature always comes with pleasant and mind-refreshing look. Even though we’re in the middle of our stressing work, we still can withstand it with the help of pleasant scenery of nature.

    However, we won’t be able to leave our workplace for taking a walk all the time. That’s where nice nature wallpapers come in rescue. Luckily, there are a lot of amazing and remarkable nature wallpapers showcased around the web. Here, I only do a little help by collecting 200 nature wallpapers: Aurora, Clown fish, Rocks and Waterfall Wallpapers

  • 20 Creative and Inspiring Free Design Magazines | Design Reviver – Over the years, PDF Magazines have become extremely popular. Unlike websites, these PDF design magazines aren’t constrained by browsers, coding, 72DPI, or even being online. Many communities have been built around these magazines, with many of them being created on user submissions. Take a look at some of the best PDF mags that the internet has to offer.
  • 20 Brilliant Kinetic Typography (Motion Typography) Videos  | Dzine Blog – Kinetic typography refers to the art and technique of expression with animated text. Similar to the study of traditional typography of designing static typographic forms, kinetic typography focuses on understanding the effect time has on the expression of text. Kinetic typography has demonstrated the ability to add significant emotive content and appeal to expressive text, allowing some of the qualities normally found in film and the spoken word to be added to static text. Kinetic type has been widely and successfully used in film as well as in television and computer-based advertising.

    Here I’ve collected 20 brilliantly animated Typography videos which i enjoyed most ( I kind of addicted to it, now) hope you like it.

  • 15 Useful Tools for WordPress Bloggers – If you use WordPress as your publishing platform, you’ll find a ton of useful tools you can grab off the web that’ll help you improve your productivity and make sure your WordPress site is running smoothly.
  • 15 Key Elements All Top Web Sites Should Have | FreelanceFolder – There are a lot of details to consider when designing and developing a web site. In reality, it can seem like an endless list — but if you look carefully you’ll see that there are certain elements that are more important than others, elements that are used consistently among the most successful sites.

    Once you’ve completed the Planning Stage of your website, the rest of the elements fall into broad categories ranging from User Interface Design to Content Creation to actual Development. Of course, there are also the issues surrounding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — but we’ll save that for another day…

    With that in mind, here are the 15 elements that should always be included on any top web site.

  • 15 Mac Apps Web Designers Should Have In Their Dock – Creattica Daily – Designer Lee Munroe blogs about 15 Mac Apps that web designers will want hanging around in their dock.Back in June when I was converting from a PC to a
  • 15 Graphic Design Podcasts you should check out | The Design Cubicle – a list of 15 design-related podcasts categorized by freelancing, graphic design, web design, tutorials and more that you should check out.
  • 15 helpful WordPress plugins for the savvy user – This article presents 15 WordPress plugins to help enhance and simplify the blogging experience of advanced users, especially web developers and designers. Most of the plugins were tested on a default installation of WordPress version 2.3.1 for basic functionality

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