Creative Community Bulletin 07 June 2011 Through 10 June 2011

These are the articles, blogs, and resources I found interesting and worthy of sharing for 07 June 2011 through 10 June 2011:

  • Bacon Ipsum – a meatier Lorem Ipsum generator – Consectetur turkey reprehenderit sed excepteur ex. Chuck flank id eu reprehenderit jowl, t-bone bacon. Fugiat sirloin rump, enim anim short ribs pork chop bresaola mollit velit proident. Pork belly aliquip t-bone officia salami, ad pork eu non eiusmod velit meatball commodo laboris sunt. In meatball labore, jowl cow eu elit t-bone. Nulla do meatball, shankle est ham sirloin cow. Dolore ea jerky deserunt labore pork.
  • Using Texture to Get the Most Out of Design | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials – There are a number of design elements that are important to design, texture being just one of them. However, texture can be a powerful force when presented in any type of design, adding visual interest and more detail. Texture is often times associated with the sense of feel, so adding it to a purely visual reference can make a 2D piece appear 3D or more real to life.
  • Agents as epublishers… – Workflow: ePub – Agents as epublishers…
    …is that a good idea for authors/illustrators? Personally, I’ve never had an agent but one never knows, especially in these volatile times in the book biz. A flurry of articles have cropped up lately on the topic, so here are a couple to explore:
  • The Birth, Life, and Death of Typewriters | It Thing! – The typewriter as we know it today was originally invented by a man by the name of C. Latham Sholes. The original typewriter employed a very complex mechanical design that typed upside down, which did not allow you to see what you were typing. Fortunately for all of us, the later typewriters employed a design in which the hammers fell straight down, allowing you to see exactly what you were typing. The typewriter began to take off, and Mr. Sholes’ layout, known as the QWERTY layout, began growing in popularity. His layout was designed, not for efficiency, but to make you type as slow as humanly possible. This was done to avoid creating mechanical jams in early mechanical typewriters. Unfortunately, this layout also became the international standard keyboard layout which is still in use today.
  • End of Return of the Jedi a Holocaust for Ewoks and Endor? – Quora #StarWars – From a purely strategic perspective, it was in fact an enormous victory for the Rebels – by killing Vader, Palpatine, and ending the Death Star II, the way was paved for an eventual victory over the Empire. But the aftermath of the battle itself, and any potential environmental damage that might have resulted, is usually glossed over.

    The Rebels claim that most of the debris was either vaporized in the explosion, burned up in the atmosphere, or intercepted by the remainder of the Rebel fleet (see: Apocalypse Endor).

    However, a much more plausible claim is that this is largely Rebel propaganda. The sheer volume of the second Death Star II, and the amount of energy that its destruction (along with the destruction of the Executor and the various Rebellion ships) would have released, make it unlikely that that all debris was accounted for. The result, of course, is probably one of the greatest cover-ups in the history of the Rebellion, and later, the New Republic – the Endor Holocaust.

    The Ewoks were likely severely reduced in number as a result of the ensuing environmental catastrophe, even though their species as a whole survived. Think about it – even if 5% of the of the Death Star II burned up in the atmosphere, the resulting dust and chemical residue would have driven large tracts of the moon to extinction.

  • Green Lantern Merchandise Sale @
  • Are Men’s Bodies Hot or Not? Some Thoughts on Weinergate | Psychology Today – These men have lots of public power. They are respected politicians. It's unlikely they feel the need for more power. More likely, they are just human beings like you and me. More likely, for the first time in ages, maybe in ever, some cute girl told them how desirable they were and they lost control. They were floored. Their behavior was regrettable, for sure, and definitely a mistake, but it was also just human.
  • Creating and Designing Custom Browser Themes – How To – We found it necessary to tailor our offering toward Firefox and IE to reach the widest audience possible. We’re now adding Chrome to the product suite given its rapid adoption. For commercial purposes, specializing in a single browser may be too limiting. Our sales efforts were much harder in our early days when we had a Firefox only solution. Chrome generates a lot of buzz in the tech community, but if you’re developing for a mainstream brand, Chrome’s 11.5% market share isn’t going to be too exciting. It does help to know the audience of your client. If they skew more heavily toward one browser theme versus another, then your offering can be more focused.
  • Philly Merge: July 15th, Philadelphia – PhillyMerge – Come to Philly Merge and strengthen your local network, improve your code-fu through training from local and recognized experts, and get introduced to the best tools for the job. We'll have accountants and lawyers speaking about common small business issues with special emphasis on navigating local government's taxes, rules and regulations.
  • Woman Gets Facebook Friend Sleeve Tattoo [VIDEO] – Friends are a many splendored thing — and it’s natural to carry them in one’s heart throughout one’s ever-storied life. It seems a little extreme, however, to tattoo them on one’s arm.

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