Creative Community Bulletin 09 July 2009 Through 28 January 2010

These are the articles, blogs, and resources I found interesting and worthy of sharing for 09 July 2009 through 28 January 2010:

  • Exhaustive A-to-Z coverage of Apple’s #iPad announcement – The announcement of Apple’s new iPad has every news outlet, blog, and tech geek talking, but keeping track of all the latest announcements and reviews could leave your head spinning. Luckily, we’ve collected a mega list of the web’s best iPad-related links. Check back throughout the day as we continue to update and be sure to check out the all new
  • Avatar is actually only the 26th biggest movie ever – # "Gone With the Wind" (1939) 202,044,600
    # "Star Wars" (1977) 178,119,600
    # "The Sound of Music" (1965) 142,415,400
    # "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial" (1982) 141,854,300
    # "The Ten Commandments" (1956) 131,000,000
    # "Titanic" (1997) 128,345,900
    # "Jaws" (1975) 128,078,800
    # "Doctor Zhivago" (1965) 124,135,500
    # "The Exorcist" (1973) 110,568,700
    # "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937) 109,000,000
  • Take a Step Toward a Sustainable Household: Opt Out of Phone Book Delivery – Nick Welch (@bunengine), a conscientious Portlander, contacted Mayor Adams through Twitter last week to ask a simple question: "what if I don't want these annual deliveries of massive phone books at my doorstep?"

    I called the nice people at Dex (there's an office in Beaverton, which can be reached at 971.732.1589), and learned that opting out of this delivery is real simple. I just did it! Details below:

  • The World’s Dirtiest Hotels in 2010
  • Why It’s Better To Pretend You Don’t Know Anything About Computers (Cartoon)
  • 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee
  • How to use a semicolon (cartoon)
  • Creditworthy? Lenders Delve into Your Social Networks – Creditors are checking out what you post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. They're checking out who your friends are and who the people are in your networks.

    The presumption is that if your friends are responsible credit cardholders and pay their bills on time, you could be a good credit customer, according to

  • The View from Adobe and the Field re: Discontinuing the Print Service Provider Program – While there are likely good financial reasons for terminating the program, it might have been more beneficial to Adobe to wait until a full transition plan was in place and ready to be rolled out before making the announcement. Leaving all of this uncertainty floating about in the industry is not a good thing for Adobe and its relationship with an industry that has unarguably brought many benefits to Adobe.

    Meanwhile, we are waiting for the next shoe to drop and will continue to inform our readers as new information becomes available.

  • Adobe, you’re breaking my heart – Printing Industry Analysis from WhatTheyThink – "We experienced an improvement in customer demand for our products in Q4," said Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO of Adobe. "We believe the investments we have made in the past year, and the new products we will deliver in the coming year, will drive top line growth as the economy improves." I am sorry to tell you this, sir, but when you lose print, you will lose the heart and soul of your company. Please do not have your PR folks inundate us with false promises to continue to support print. Actions speak louder than words.
  • BumpTop 3D desktop enhancement: Organize, customize, be productive – BumpTop™ is a fun, intuitive 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makes you more productive. Like a real desk, but better. Now with awesome mouse and multi-touch gestures!
  • History of Desktop Publishing Software, a Timeline by Pat Marchese – History of Desktop Publishing or DTP software –
    Aldus, Adobe, Macromedia and Quark – 25 years in the making…
  • DTP History: Quark and Font Wars – Last blog I mentioned owning a 20 MB serial hard disk from Quark. In case you did not notice, that hard disk was made by the same company that eventually sold the page layout software Quark Xpress. Yes it’s true – before Quark sold XPress they made hard disks.
  • Beautiful Typographic Business Cards – There is something truly fascinating about beautiful business card designs, I can look at them for ages in awe of their respective simple and sometimes complex designs. Having a beautifully designed business card get have lasting effects on your business. I for one have a huge collection of business cards that I keep to build contacts and provide visual inspiration. In this post I am going to focus on typography in business card design.
  • Funniest Unofficial Star Wars T-shirts | #StarWars – Who's Your Daddy Tee

    Who's Your Daddy Darth Vader

  • A List Apart: Articles: The Four-Day Week Challenge – And then it hit me: there will always be more to do. Working more won’t change that. In fact, working more is actually counter-productive. I was starting work everyday at 5:30 AM and working till 10:00 PM, but I still wasn’t done with everything. If I was working those extreme hours and still couldn’t keep up with my to-dos, then clearly working more wasn’t the solution.

    The problem wasn’t a time issue, it was a mental issue. I knew I had a whole week to finish my work, so I spread it out over five (or seven!) days. If I knew I only had four days to finish a whole week of work, it would’ve motivated me to get things done more efficiently.

  • How to Lose Followers – There are a lot of ‘how to’ guides on how to gain followers and become more popular on Twitter. Being popular is very last century of course. In the future privacy, disconnecting and silence will become hip again.

    At least, that is what some people pray for.

    For those of you who get nervous of a crowd of hungry attention seekers confronting you with every update you post, or a lack of updates, here is a guide on How to Lose Followers

  • 4 Easy Ways To Manage Twitter Followers | Matt Singley – Since I’m into organization, especially with email, I thought I would share with you my strategy for sorting and following back those that choose to follow me.
  • How to Unfollow on Twitter with Class – All you need is a simple statement of why you will, or will not, follow someone. While some feel any policy is too much, I’ve found having a Following Policy allows me to both clarify what I want to get out of the relationship and allows me to set some “ground rules.” I’ve written previously about establishing a Following Policy here on Twitip. Also, you can use my personal Following Policy as an example.
  • Chrome OS for the clueless: What it means for real people – CNET News – What does this mean to people who are thinking about buying a new computer now, or next year? Is the Chrome OS something to get excited about, or even wait for?

    We won't know for sure what the operating system looks like until it comes out, which answers the second question handily: do not wait. If you need a new computer now, spend the money and get the use out of the machine while Google figures out how and when to get the Chrome OS out the door.

    But to the other question: yes, this is very interesting, and potentially could cause some transformations in the computer industry, although they may be more subtle than Google–and Microsoft's detractors–hope.

  • Get your own super-thin spokesperson – CNET News – A new digital display technology is turning heads at the International Stationery and Office Supply Fair in Japan. While not yet mass-market, this type of display could certainly liven things up at home or in the office.

    As translated by Pink Tentacle and found on Robot Watch: "This eye-catching digital signage system consists of a 0.3-millimeter-thick high-luminance rear-projection film (Vikuiti Rear Projection Film developed by 3M) applied to a 3-millimeter-thick glass substrate cut into the shape of a woman. A rear projector beams video onto the film, whose microbead-arrayed surface produces a crisp, brilliant image viewable from any angle, even in brightly lit environments."

  • SlickMap CSS — A Visual Sitemapping Tool for Web Developers – SlickMap CSS is a simple stylesheet for displaying finished sitemaps directly from HTML unordered list navigation. It’s suitable for most web sites – accommodating up to three levels of page navigation and additional utility links – and can easily be customized to meet your own individual needs, branding, or style preferences.

    The general idea of SlickMap CSS is to streamline the web design process by automating the illustration of sitemaps while at the same time allowing for the predevelopment of functional HTML navigation.
    Features and Benefits

    * Eliminates the need for additional software
    * Easily revised with clients on-the-fly
    * Clickable anchors with visible URLs
    * Design process results in working HTML code

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