Creative Community Bulletin 13 August 2010 Through 17 September 2010

These are the arti­cles, blogs, and resources I found inter­est­ing and wor­thy of shar­ing for 13 August 2010 through 17 September 2010:

  • Linotype: The Film -

    Doug Wilson has start­ed work on a new doc­u­men­tary about the Linotype type­set­ting machine. This, is excit­ing news.

  • How to Apply Vector Patterns in Photoshop -

    Patterns are a very good choice when you want to cre­ate a quick back­ground or apply a nice tex­ture to an object. However, cre­at­ing your own pat­terns is tire­some work and most of the time, you don’t even get close to what you orig­i­nal­ly intend­ed to do.

  • Fall Cheat Sheet: Find out what’s pre­mier­ing when! | Ausiello | EW​.com -

    Here’s that list of fall pre­mière dates you guys have been hound­ing me for. FYI: I was 30,000 feet in the air with a slight buzz when I com­piled it—in-flight wire­less and unlim­it­ed mimosas are two great tastes that go great together—so apolo­gies in advance for any errors. <!339d023e35734e13988fc16f99072115>

  • Alien Skin Software: Bokeh 2 Features -


  • Clever Depictions of Star Wars Related Art #StarWars -

    clever and pro­lif­ic depic­tions of Star Wars relat­ed art

  • New York Times Bestseller Seth Godin to No Longer Publish Books Traditionally — Workflow: Writing -

    I can’t abide the long wait, the fil­ters, the big push at launch, the nudg­ing to get peo­ple to go to a store they don’t usu­al­ly vis­it to buy some­thing they don’t usu­al­ly buy, to get them to pay for an idea in a form that’s hard to spread … I real­ly don’t think the process is worth the effort that it now takes to make it work. I can reach 10 or 50 times as many peo­ple elec­tron­i­cal­ly

  • Star Wars Galactic Village Collectibles (qual­i­ty looks iffy) -

    Star Wars Galactic Village Collection

    Authorized by Lucasfilm™. Fully sculpt­ed, light­ed build­ings from many mem­o­rable Star Wars® films. FREE char­ac­ter fig­urines with some issues.


    <a href=“” rel=“tag”>starwars</a>

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  • Automating Workflows for Adobe InDesign -

    Streamlining pub­lish­ing process­es with InDesign just got eas­i­er thanks to a new automa­tion tool from Axaio.
    Axing Wasted Time in Publishing

    Germany’s Axaio is a new com­pa­ny to us that offers a range of pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and process improve­ment tools for print or PDF web pub­lish­ing, pri­mar­i­ly with InDesign for Windows and Mac users. These include apps for ver­sion con­trol and export man­age­ment. It steps up to the work­flow plate with a new prod­uct joint-developed with Dutch firm Van Gennep, whose PlanSystem4 pub­lish­ing sys­tem.

    MadeToPrint is a plug in for InDesign, Illustrator, InDesign Server and InCopy, depend­ing on which ver­sion you pur­chase. It can also inte­grate with oth­er pub­lish­ing soft­ware includ­ing WoodWing’s SCE/Enterprise 7 among oth­ers. There are three edi­tions avail­able, Standard, Auto and Server — each with var­i­ous spe­cial­ist fea­tures list­ed here

  • Trademark, Copyright and Logos -

    To hear intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty attor­neys describe it, it seems so sim­ple. Copyright cov­ers cre­ative works of expres­sion fixed into a tan­gi­ble medi­um of expres­sion. Trademark cov­ers busi­ness names, slo­gans and oth­er items used to iden­ti­fy it in the mar­ket­place. Patent cov­ers ideas and inven­tions. Simple.

    Then what about logos?

  • Batch Uninstall Windows Applications - Free! -

    Absolute Uninstaller is sim­i­lar to stan­dard Windows Add/Remove pro­gram but more powerful.The stan­dard Add/Remove pro­gram can’t unin­stall appli­ca­tions com­plete­ly which often leaves bro­ken reg­istry keys ‚unnec­es­sary files on the hard disk.The more junk files your com­put­er have ‚the slow­er it runs. Uninstall Manager can wipe off all the junk files clear­ly in sec​onds​.It offers a more user-friendly way to remove unneed­ed appli­ca­tions and to improve your com­put­er effi­cien­cy.


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    <a href=“” rel=“tag”>uninstall</a>

    <a href=“” rel=“tag”>applications</a>

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