Creative Community Bulletin 17 September 2010 Through 07 October 2010

These are the articles, blogs, and resources I found interesting and worthy of sharing for 17 September 2010 through 07 October 2010:

  • What to Look For in a Conference Before Registering

    not all conferences are created equal. Here is a checklist of items to consider before registering for the next big “must-attend” conference.

  • 7 Simple Rules for Better Press Releases

    Contrary to what the naysayers believe, press release distribution is still an effective way to get your name out there, build links back to your website, and increase your search engine presence. But of course, there’s a right way and a wrong way to write press releases. Most of them are written the wrong way. Just check out any news wire online and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Nathan Bransford – Literary Agent: Are There Really That Many People Out There Writing Books?

    Are there really 15,000+ people a year querying agents? Are there really that many novels and memoirs and self-help books and alien encounters of the dubious kind? There are really that many people writing books? Really?

  • Adobe Illustrator: Opening Tricky Files – Graphic design tutorials, freebies, & advice by working artists and designers. | GoMediaZine

    Sometimes files just don’t want to play nice. And usually when that happens, there’s a deadline looming.

    Knowing ahead of time how to get out of a tricky situation can make the difference between having time to do the job at an easy pace, or pulling your hair out.

    I’ve come across two handy Illustrator utilities — one software, one a tip — that might just save your neck if you ever get yourself into the situations addressed by each of these.

  • Four Arguments for Charging Late Fees

    One of the most important policies you can have in place in your business is for payment; a policy that outlines what you charge, when you bill, when payment is due and how you expect to be paid.

  • You Gotta Love a Close Shave – Final Proof Archives

    It’s Friday and your publication is behind in its production schedule again. One of your designers is in your office for the eighth time in the last 30 minutes asking you to interpret your notes in the margin of the last proof. You’re also ignoring the phone because you recognize the number is from your printer, asking (again) when you’re going to upload pages. You know you’re behind, and what’s worse, you’re also putting them behind. It seems you spend all of your time in editing and production—and less and less time thinking and working creatively.

    If this scenario happens month after month, you have a few options: You could scream, fire your designer, harass your associate editor, or quit. Or, you could shave two weeks off your production cycle with InCopy™, sparing your design team the frustration of trying to decipher your scribbles and making work a happier, more efficient environment.


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  • 30+ Ingenious Book Photomanipulations | Designious Times

  • 50 Famous Fictional Characters That Are Based on Real People

    “Write what you know” has become more than just a small cliché, permeating everything from novels to screenplays to comic books. But in spite of its ubiquity, the advice certainly carries with it considerable merit. Writers of all types draw inspiration from themselves, their friends and family or famous figures in order to create memorable, nuanced characters. It happens regularly in every form of media, oftentimes without the audience’s awareness. This list, by no means even remotely complete, presents some of the more famous (sometimes infamous) examples of the literary device from across a diverse selection of novels, films, television programs – even a comic book and a song or two!

  • Keyboard Shortcuts for InDesign

    Whether you are new to using InDesign or have used it for a while, keyboard shortcuts can help your speed. Learn the InDesign keyboard shortcuts and how they function in your workspace. Download a complete list of InDesign quick keys for your reference.


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  • i-FunBox | File Manager, Browser, Explorer, Transfer Tool for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch via USB

    Total Control of iPhone/iPad File System
    Manage files on your iPhone or iPad in a way just like Windows File Explorer but more robust and friendly. Easily transmit files and folders to your computer with the performance optimized file transfer and browsing. File system of firmware 3.0 is now fully supported.

    iFunBox, USB Portable Disk on iPhone

    Hi-Speed General Purpose Storage
    Use your iPhone as an USB Portable Disk for general files. Exploit the large flash memory on iPhone or iPad with transmission speed beyond 5MB/s.

    iFunbox, iPhone File Search

    General Purpose File Search on iPhone
    Search files in the entire file system of iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad by matching files name and sizes. Seach files or folders can also be done within a specified folder.
    iFunBox, iTunes Music Video Downloader

    Recover Music and Movie on iPhone/iPod
    Download Apple iTunes© managed audio and video in iPhone, iPad or iPods to PC as a backup copy or burn to CD. Scan and recover music and movie files in iPhone and iPod even when iTunes is refused to connect. Copy from iPhone and iPod.

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