Creative Community Bulletin 21 May 2011 Through 24 May 2011

These are the ar­ti­cles, blogs, and re­sources I found in­ter­est­ing and wor­thy of shar­ing for 21 May 2011 through 24 May 2011:

  • Apple causes ‘re­li­gious’ re­ac­tion in brains of fans, say neu­ro­sci­en­tists – In a re­cently screened BBC doc­u­men­tary, UK neu­ro­sci­en­tists sug­gested that the brains of Apple devo­tees are stim­u­lated by Apple im­agery in the same way that the brains of re­li­gious peo­ple are stim­u­lated by re­li­gious im­agery.
  • The Lust List: Goods to Get You Going | CreativePro​.com – Summer is a-coming. To keep your cre­ativ­ity hum­ming, check out this new crop of in­spired items for graphic de­sign­ers and pho­tog­ra­phers.
  • CleanHaven Text Cleaner and Fixer – CleanHaven is a pro­gram de­signed to make the clean­ing of text much eas­ier. The cleaned text can be re­set as the main text with ad­di­tional clean­ing per­formed. Once fin­ished the cleaned text is avail­able from the global cleaned text win­dow. You may want CleanHaven to make changes to thou­sands of lines of con­tact de­tails be­fore im­port­ing into CRMHaven. For ex­am­ple you can turn all com­pany names to Sentence Case, all UK post­codes to Uppercase or re­move any trail­ing spaces, tabs or punc­tu­a­tion. Copy a column of data from Excel, clean it, then paste it back into Excel.
  • Geek Art: Muppet X-Men  – News – GeekTyrant – Today's awe­some Geek Art comes from Deviant Art artist Rahzzah. The piece is called X-Muppets, and gives us a great mash-up of the Muppets and X-Men. I love how cool these Muppets look all X-Mened out. What do you think think?
  • Unused SUPERMAN Designs for Bryan Singer’s SUPERMAN RETURNS and J.J. Abrams’ SUPERMAN FLYBY – News – GeekTyrant – Costume de­signer and spe­cial ef­fects artist Steve Johnson has re­leased some more un­used cos­tume con­cept art cre­ated for Bryan Singer's Superman Returns and J.J. Abrams rein­ven­tion of the man of steel Superman FlyBy, which was about a war be­tween Kryptonians. At one point Singer was en­ter­tain­ing the idea of us­ing Doomsday in his film. It never hap­pened but there is some con­cept art of the vil­lain as well.
  • Comic Book Characters get a Simpsons style Makeover – News – GeekTyrant – Here's an awe­some col­lec­tion of Simpsonized comic book su­per­heroes for you to check out! The char­ac­ters de­signs come from a pretty awe­some lit­tle web­site called Springfield Punx, and you should def­i­nitely check it out be­cause it full of a ton of other simp­sonized char­ac­ters.
  • CDC Advises How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse (Yes it’s REALLY from the CDC!) – There are all kinds of emer­gen­cies out there that we can pre­pare for. Take a zom­bie apoc­a­lypse for ex­am­ple. That’s right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e. You may laugh now, but when it hap­pens you’ll be happy you read this, and hey, maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two about how to pre­pare for a real emer­gency.
  • Oh No They Didn’t! – Plans for Thor 2 – Our source tells us that while the Thor 2 project is still in very early stages and they don’t ex­pect to start ac­tu­ally writ­ing the script un­til the end of the year, in­ter­nally pro­duc­ers are kick­ing around pos­si­ble vil­lains. In con­tention to face off against Thor are two char­ac­ters named The Enchantress and The Executioner.
  • Finggers – Finggers is a so­cial net­work de­signed to help peo­ple to find the coolest apps avail­able on App Store and Android Market. We be­lieve the best way to ac­com­plish that is the so­cial way. So, jump on, share your fa­vorite apps and get to know what your friends like.
  • Twitter Scheduling Service Offers After-You-Die Haunting Tweets (creepy) – From the dead:
    Got a ter­mi­nal ill­ness? Schedule monthly or yearly posts while you are still on this earth to bless (or haunt) the liv­ing af­ter you are gone.

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