Creative Community Bulletin 24 May 2011 Through 07 June 2011

These are the articles, blogs, and resources I found interesting and worthy of sharing for 24 May 2011 through 07 June 2011:

  • Apple – Auto Save and Versions – Every edit, every rewrite. Saved. – If you’ve ever lost a document and hours of work, your mantra has been “save early and often.” But OS X Lion is about to change all that. Because it saves automatically. So you don’t have to.
  • (1) How secure is Dropbox? – Quora – Hopefully, Dropbox will recognize the need for additional security and add in protection mechanisms that will make it less trivial to gain long-term unauthorized access to a user’s Dropbox as well as provide better means to mitigate and detect an exposure. Until such time, I’m hoping that this writeup helps brings to light how the authentication method used my Dropbox may not be as secure as previously assumed and that, as always, it is important to take steps to protect your data from compromise.
  • 9 Jobs Most Men Would Die For | Cool Material – After exploring the world of gorgeous supermodels naked in the Amazon (not the website) with our tour guide Terry Richardson, we came to the conclusion that he has a job that most men would die, or kill, for. Everyone has a vice; it could be women, cars, spirits, ice cream or music, it just depends on the individual. We set out to find the guys who are doing the things we enjoy doing on a regular basis – but they’re getting paid for it. The only thing you need to figure out by yourself is where to sign up.
  • 29 Semi-Productive Things I Do Online When I’m Trying to Avoid Real Work – You don’t always have to work hard to be productive. Productivity can simply be the side effect of doing the right things.

    So here’s a list of 29 semi-productive things I do online when my mind is set on avoiding ‘real work.’

  • Free For All: The American Northwest | – This month, everything is inspired by the Pacific Northwest. I've found 120 free stock photos and textures; 63 free color palettes; 20 free patterns; 25 free Photoshop actions, and 41 free Photoshop brushes.
  • Doctors and dentists tell patients, "all your review are belong to us" – We can't find any evidence that Medical Justice-style agreements have ever actually been used to censor online reviews. Dr. Cirka told Ars that he has never attempted to remove a fraudulent review using the copyright assignment policy. And Yelp told us that they "have never elected to remove a review in response this type of takedown request." The experts we talked to said they've gotten similar statements from other review sites.
  • 30off/">Save 30% on DisplayFusion This Week Only! – We're very pleased to announce the release of DisplayFusion 3.3.1! This version includes a bunch of bug fixes and new features, as well as huge improvements to the Multi-Monitor Taskbar and Window Snapping features. In addition to the new release, we're also announcing a sale! All DisplayFusion products are 30% off until Saturday, May 28th, 2011.
  • Adding an Automatic BCC to Outlook > – There are probably several reasons in which you would want to automatically BCC and email address on all outgoing messages (archival purposes being one of them). In this instance, I needed a solution to perform an automatic BCC to a system email address for a pilot of the Trampoline Systems SONAR product. SONAR can consume your daily email traffic and use it to create connections to people and topics (sort of like an automatic FaceBook application. After some hunting around the internets, I happened upon this solution, which I'll explain further here.
  • Google Think Insights – research and insights to help marketers make smarter decisions – At Google we believe data beats opinion. So we work hard to study the worlds of consumer behavior, digital and media, and we’re pleased to share what we’ve learned with you. Our first feature is all about mobile trends. But be sure to browse around – the site already includes hundreds of other studies, videos and webinars, and we'll be updating it regularly. Sign up for the newsletter, so you'll always be among the first to be in the know. I hope you enjoy exploring these resources, and that the knowledge you gain helps you do great things in your own corner of the online world.
  • My PC Series from Microsoft – Computer courses for Seniors and less tech-savvy adults | The Windows Club – The My PC Series is a hands-on, jargon-free curriculum of computer classes that Microsoft has developed for adult learners. This new Windows 7 and Windows Live Essentials centered curriculum is based on extensive audience and instructional research about how less tech-savvy consumers want to learn new computer skills. The content is designed for adults and has been tested with well over 500,000 students.

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