Creative Community Bulletin 4 October 2013

Great content found by Pariah and shared to the design and creative communities on social media.

  • Breaking: Adobe hacked, 3 million accounts compromised
    “The massive attack exposes customer names, encrypted credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates, and other information relating to customer orders.”
  • Picking the Price of a Self-published Book

    “Pricing is an important aspect when it comes to self-publishing. It’s a decision authors haggle with for days. Add in the fact that you are putting out the first book of a series – and that decision might take just as long as writing the book. Pricing wasn’t something authors thought about too much before…”

  • Illustrations in Typography by Teagan White

    “Teagan White is a designer & illustrator from Chicago, currently living and working in St Paul, Minnesota, where she recently earned her BFA in Illustration from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Her body of work encompasses intricate renderings of flora and fauna, playful depictions of cute anthropomorphic critters, illustrative typography, and everything in between. The subtleties of nature and reciprocal relationships between organisms are her primary inspirations, and her work typically incorporates flat, limited color, decorative arrangements of organic forms, and obsessive detail. Below, we made sure to pick the very best from her illustrations and typography. Enjoy!”

  • How the Flat UI Design Style Affects Interface Text

    “Wait, what? Can a design trend really influence the way we use text in an interface?

    Yes, it can. We saw last week that design and content influence each other, and that includes pure design trends like the flat UI look that’s all the rage right now (including right here on

    So if you’re applying the flat UI aesthetic to your website, here are a few easy ways to make sure your text best supports user interactions to within that visual context.”

  • Mozilla Releases Free New Firefox OS Typeface ‘Fira Sans’ by Erik Spiekermann

    “Designed by German typographer Erik Spiekermann, the open-source typeface aims to integrate with the style of the OS and “cover the legibility needs for a large range of handsets varying in screen quality and rendering,” according to Mozilla.

  • 20 (Really) Beautiful and Unique Photoshop Effect Tutorials
    “20 hand-picked beautiful and unique Photoshop effect tutorials from around the Web. The author personally tried all of them and found them quite interesting and informative. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as he did.”
  • 10 top packaging design resources
    “You’ll get tons of advice and inspiration on the subject of packaging design from these free resources.”
  • 5 Websites For Every Portable Application On The Web

    “Portable applications are incredibly useful. If you’re someone who is constantly carrying around a flash drive, you should always have a few of your favorite portable applications (or even a portable application suite) on it. I’ve found that portable applications are just as useful for a wide variety of uses — like when you’re setting up synchronized folders. I have a folder in my Dropbox dedicated to no-installation-required programs, and syncing it to any new desktop or laptop means that I immediately have several applications available at my fingertips. It’s rather helpful.”

  • Principles of User Interface Design
    “”To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit; it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse.” – Paul Rand”

  • If You Could Control Someone’s Attention, What Would You Do With It? TED Video

    “Apollo Robbins, in wonderful TED talk, shares his observations on how people’s attention can shape reality. He talks about how a human’s brain when asked to process data (perhaps in the past) will not be able process data in the present. He does a much better job explaining this concept than I, so check out the video below.”

  • The Development and Design Story Behind Adobe New Hardware, Projects Mighty & Napoleon

    “Project Mighty and Napoleon are Adobe’s Exploration in
    Cloud-Enabled hardware for touch screens.

    A design-lead innovation project from Adobe XD, Mighty and Napoleon were conceived
    and developed entirely by Michael Gough’s Adobe XD, projects led by Geoff Dowd (Adobe XD) and produced with the domain expertise of:

    Ammunition Group – Industrial Design
    MindTribe – Product Engineering
    Adobe Ideas Team – Software Engineering
    Adobe Executive Sponsorship”

  • Eight Creativity Lessons From a Pixar Animator

    “Bernhard Haux is a “character technical director,” which in his case means he models characters and works on their internal motions (I think—I didn’t fully grasp the lingo). It means he is just a small piece in the larger Pixar machine, but a piece that’s aware of what everyone else is doing too. He’s worked on major movies such as Up, Brave, Monsters U, and others in the last six years. Bernhard was gracious enough to show us around the Pixar campus, and while we couldn’t really dig into their super-secret process, we did get a few glimpses of the magic.P

    And as a result of these small glimpses, I learned some surprising things. I’d like to share them here, in hopes that they’ll inspire others as they inspired me. P

  • 44 Alluring Websites Powered by WordPress

    “There are millions of different websites powered by WordPress running online, with new launches happening each month. I put together this gallery focusing on 44 eye-catching websites running on WordPress. You can use these designs as inspiration for your own ideas. WP theming is a big topic and it’s worth studying so that you can build your own themes.”

  • Should Corporations Fire Personal Brands?

    “The real issue for business managers is that personal brands are not always calculated employee campaigns designed to elevate their public personas. We can’t simply weed out social influencers and social personalities because not all are seeking to increase their popularity at the expense of – or on the backs of – the corporate brand and payroll. Many are truly uncalculated or well-intentioned and frankly, benefit the employer.
    Technically, a personal brand is instantly created whenever an employee sets up a public profile in any social network or begins blogging. It becomes a matter of degree.”

  • 10 Inspirational iOS Apps for Graphic Designers

    “Rather than returning to your desk or your colleagues with notes on a tattered napkin or a vague idea that’s been diminished with distractions, you could capture your design idea with remarkable clarity using the right mobile app. Mobile devices with the wrong apps installed can end up being detriments or distractions, but with carefully-chosen design aids, your time spent away from your desk can be a real boon to your work. Let’s take a look at 10 unique apps that foster inspiration and capture creative breakthroughs.”

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