Design Business Links 25 March 2014

Great con­tent found by Pariah and shared to the design and cre­ative com­mu­ni­ties on social media.

  • Beyond Your Paycheck: 5 Things to Negotiate at Work

    By now, you prob­a­bly know that a salary is nego­tiable.

    But that’s just one of the work­place poli­cies and perks up for dis­cus­sion. Whether it’s explic­it­ly said or not, things like flex­i­ble work­ing arrange­ments, mater­ni­ty leave and even the projects you get to work on may not be set in stone.

  • Apple Building Its Own Stylus for iPads?

    Although Apple dis­missed the idea of a tablet sty­lus, that doesn’t mean the com­pa­ny isn’t think­ing about how one could enhance the iPad expe­ri­ence. A new patent pub­lish­ing details what Apple may have in mind.”

  • WordPress: Useful Alternatives to the Dreaded Monthly Archive Links

    In a lot of WordPress sites’ side­bars, you’ll prob­a­bly see the month­ly archive links make an appear­ance. These are a list of links that cat­e­go­rize your post by month. If you want to get more spe­cif­ic, you can even group the posts by week or even day. Unless you’re using wid­gets, these lists are out­put using the wp_get_archives func­tion. Here are some exam­ples:

  • The 9 Warning Signs of an Amateur Artist

    ’m not talk­ing about if you have a cor­po­rate spon­sor­ship or whether or not you are earn­ing the big bucks. I’m not even talk­ing about quit­ting your day job, if you have one, and liv­ing on ramen noo­dles and Starbucks (because even if you’re poor you still need your Café Mocha) What I’m talk­ing about is chang­ing your atti­tude and the way you think about your art. What you’ll dis­cov­er is that more often than not peo­ple will take your art about as seri­ous­ly as you do.”

  • Can you grow from free­lancer to stu­dio own­er?

    There may come a time you get too suc­cess­ful as a free­lancer and must decide if you pre­fer sleep, mon­ey, or headaches. The step up to becom­ing a stu­dio with more than one per­son can be a night­mare… or very reward­ing. Not every­one can do it and not every­one wants to do it. So, what hap­pens if you are forced into expand­ing your busi­ness?

  • Copyright “safe har­bors” shrink, “Red Flags” and “should have known” now have more weight against Website own­ers over users’ actions

    The sig­nif­i­cance of the case has lit­tle to do with MP3Tunes, which has long been closed, but instead stands as a strate­gic vic­to­ry for copy­right own­ers. That’s because the jury found Robertson liable on the basis of so-called “red flag” knowl­edge rather than “actu­al” knowl­edge. The dis­tinc­tion may sound arcane, but it’s one the stu­dios have fought hard to estab­lish as part of their strat­e­gy to change the lev­el of proof need­ed to prove pira­cy”

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