Today in Design – Top Articles RoundUp 21 November 2014

The day’s best and most important design- and design business-focused articles, tutorials, and resources hand-picked by Pariah Burke.

  • “Drop the E” to Take Quicker Handwritten Notes

    This is an easy form of shorthand that will still allow you to easily read your notes when reviewing, Blain says. The letter “e” is the most common in the English language, so it could save you a good amount of time to not use it. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it much—bcaus th contxt and surrounding lttrs will hlp you undrstand th txt.”

  • One Fundamental Thing You Need to Know About Your Illustration Business
    No matter what kind of creative awesomeness you bring to the world, be it illustration or dinky little vinyl toys, the following one thing is really important if you want to actively engage potential buyers and clients. I will deliver it in que…
  • 5 more ways how not to get cheated by your design clients

    So instead of fighting a losing battle, let’s focus on the kind of situations that can be prevented – situations that happen when good people go bad all of a sudden. Let’s try to figure out what habits we can build when working with clients so we don’t get burned on the job.


  • Give Each Workday a Theme for Productive Momentum
    Distractions at work can make you lose focus on the things you should be doing. To stay on task, use Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s method: Give each work day a “theme” so you always know what to focus on that day, and what to return to when you…
  • 10 Instagram Tools For Business

    In fact, some are so good at it that there is now a new form of advertising on Instagram where you don’t advertise (if that makes sense). Even if you don’t have a physical product, your business can benefit by showing behind-the-scene snapshots or by showcasing your workers’ office space. Whatever your reason for using the app, we hope that these 10 tools will help you make the most out Instagram for your business.

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