Today in Design – Top Articles RoundUp 7 August 2014

Great content found by Pariah and shared to the design and creative communities on social media.

  • Realistic Finger Painting by Zaria Forman for Your Inspiration
    That probably conjures an image of what finger painting is like as a kid but her photo-realistic masterpieces are truly breathtaking. Using her hands, paint, and chalk, she creates exquisite details of icy landscapes and beaches to highlight th…
  • New Open Source Font Family: Source Han Sans

    If you’re a typeface enthusiast or a designer who creates work for international audiences, you don’t want this news to fly under your radar. Last week, Adobe and Google announced their recent font collaboration: Source Han Sans. This is the first open source Pan-CJK typeface that supports Japanese, Chinese and Korean (along with Latin, Greek and Cyrillic) alphabets. Take a closer look at how it was developed.

  • Top 7 Things Clients Do that Frustrate Freelancers

    There is no hiding the fact that, although there are lots of good clients out there, even the best clients can do things that can trigger a freelancer to lose interest in the project, the client and any future working relationships with that client. It might be things the clients aren’t even aware of, that they might do out of habit, or when stressed. Regardless of the reasons, it can be frustrating, and from a freelancer’s perspective, they should not happen. – See more at:

  • The Future Is Here – Your Guide To Having A Paperless Life Today

    Paperless – a term that is used quite often now days. But what does it mean? And to what extent does it apply? Certainly we all still use paper to some degree despite the advancements in technology, so how can we go completely paperless?

  • Did You Know Uber Drivers Rate You, Too? Find Out Your Uber Passenger Rating
    Uber is a great way to get a ride without having to hail a cab. When you finish a ride, you get a chance to rate your driver and your experience. However, the drivers get to rate you too. Here’s how to find out your rating, which is normally a …
  • Making Different Shapes in Pure CSS

    New CSS properties like transform and border-radius add complexity with shapes instead of creating them in drawing applications.

    In today’s tutorial, let’s create a simple list of the most common shapes that can be done using CSS3.

  • How to Incorporate the Pantone Color of the Year into Your Site
    Every year, Pantone announces the Color of the Year. In 2014, the Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid. While this may seem like news that only affects fashion designers and paint manufacturers, it also affects web design trends.
  • The Graphic Designer and Ethics
    The truth is that the graphic design community can do so much in bringing beauty, intelligence and integrity to our society. But it can also collaborate in helping to degrade life to an increasingly depressing level. So please use your talent w…

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