Subcontract to Us

We are available to subcontract, representing you professionally and positively while servicing your clients as your firm.

Pariah Burke and his associates frequently subcontract to other training companies, professional services firms, and solutions providers. If you’re in need of a top notch creative or technical industry instructor, whether that’s Pariah Burke himself or one of his equally skilled associate instructors, please call or e-mail today.

We Represent You

When our team members subcontract for you they are representing you to your client. Often, our instructors and consultants will be the only representatives of your company your clients actually meet in person. That’s a responsibility we take very seriously. You can rest assured when you hire Pariah Burke or one of his associates that your firm will be represented well to your client. Specifically, you can count on our instructors to:

  • Treat your client as s/he would treat his/her own–meaning, doing everything in his/her power to ensure a successful, engaging, and fun experience for every student and an event that meets all of the client’s success criteria.
  • Portray your company positively to your client.
  • Present himself or herself as a representative of your company. When you subcontract to us our personnel will not promote themselves or Pariah Burke Training & Consulting; they will promote you and your company. We won’t never find our people attempting to “poach” or “snake” clients, nor will they peddle their books, videos, webinars, t-shirts, or Amway while representing you. Our instructors represent you to your clients.
  • Be professional, positive, and upbeat.
  • Arrive on-time and prepared for the class or engagement.


Our rates are negotiable. Let’s talk.