Subcontract to Us

We are avail­able to sub­con­tract, rep­re­sent­ing you pro­fes­sion­al­ly and pos­i­tive­ly while ser­vic­ing your clients as your firm.

Pariah Burke and his as­so­ciates fre­quent­ly sub­con­tract to oth­er train­ing com­pa­nies, pro­fes­sion­al ser­vices firms, and so­lu­tions providers. If you’re in need of a top notch cre­ative or tech­ni­cal in­dus­try in­struc­tor, whether that’s Pariah Burke him­self or one of his equal­ly skilled as­so­ciate in­struc­tors, please call or e-mail to­day.

We Represent You

When our team mem­bers sub­con­tract for you they are rep­re­sent­ing you to your client. Often, our in­struc­tors and con­sul­tants will be the on­ly rep­re­sen­ta­tives of your com­pa­ny your clients ac­tu­al­ly meet in per­son. That’s a re­spon­si­bil­i­ty we take very se­ri­ous­ly. You can rest as­sured when you hire Pariah Burke or one of his as­so­ciates that your firm will be rep­re­sent­ed well to your client. Specifically, you can count on our in­struc­tors to:

  • Treat your client as s/he would treat his/her own–meaning, do­ing every­thing in his/her pow­er to en­sure a suc­cess­ful, en­gag­ing, and fun ex­pe­ri­ence for every stu­dent and an event that meets all of the client’s suc­cess criteria.
  • Portray your com­pa­ny pos­i­tive­ly to your client.
  • Present him­self or her­self as a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of your com­pa­ny. When you sub­con­tract to us our per­son­nel will not pro­mote them­selves or Pariah Burke Training & Consulting; they will pro­mote you and your com­pa­ny. We won’t nev­er find our peo­ple at­tempt­ing to “poach” or “snake” clients, nor will they ped­dle their books, videos, we­bi­na­rs, t-shirts, or Amway while rep­re­sent­ing you. Our in­struc­tors rep­re­sent you to your clients.
  • Be pro­fes­sion­al, pos­i­tive, and upbeat.
  • Arrive on-time and pre­pared for the class or engagement.


Our rates are ne­go­tiable. Let’s talk.