Teach or Consult for Us

We are al­ways seek­ing the best of the best in ag­ile, ex­pert train­ers and con­sul­tants. If that de­scribes you, you might want to con­sid­er work­ing with us.

Type of Employment

We are cur­rent­ly seek­ing train­ers and consultants–individuals and organizations–to work as in­de­pen­dent sub­con­trac­tors (1099 form). We are not hir­ing W2 full-time or part-time in­struc­tors at this time.

How We Treat and Pay Our Instructors

Pariah Burke Training & Consulting pays its in­struc­tors well, but it does so with­out goug­ing clients.

If you’ve been in this busi­ness for any length of time you know that most train­ing com­pa­nies can’t say that. For most, it’s ei­ther pay in­struc­tors well or don’t over-charge clients. Several train­ing com­pa­nies can’t say either–they charge clients out­ra­geous rates while their in­struc­tors are paid peanuts.

Pariah Burke Training & Consulting is not a “drive-thru” train­ing com­pa­ny like oth­ers we’ve all known and prob­a­bly worked for. We know that the tal­ent, in­struc­tors and con­sul­tants, are the sec­ond most im­por­tant in­di­vid­u­als in the en­tire process. (The most im­por­tant in­di­vid­u­als in the train­ing process are, of course, the clients.) And we treat our tal­ent with the re­spect they de­serve. We pay tal­ent well be­cause pre­mi­um tal­ent comes at a pre­mi­um price, and we want our in­struc­tors to en­joy work­ing with us and our clients. 

Simultaneously we charge clients a fair rate that is be­low mar­ket av­er­age and, typ­i­cal­ly, far be­low even what the “drive-thru” train­ing com­pa­nies charge. Fair prices and hap­py, pre­mi­um tal­ent in­struc­tors make for sat­is­fied clients who come back for their fu­ture train­ing and con­sul­ta­tion needs.

In oth­er words, treat­ing clients and tal­ent well re­sults in every­one be­ing sat­is­fied, and when peo­ple are sat­is­fied, they come back.


Before you ap­ply please read through this web­site, par­tic­u­lar­ly the Frequently Asked Questions, to make sure you’re a good fit for us and our clients. If you don’t work the way we work, our as­so­ci­a­tion isn’t go­ing to be a good fit.

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