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ImageReady CS3

For Web graph­ics work, some peo­ple pre­fer ImageReady’s very Photoshop-like in­ter­face to FireWorks’s ob­vi­ous­ly Flash-esque con­trols and in­ter­face. Fans of droplets–ImageReady’s desk­top icons on­to which raw im­ages could be dragged and dropped to in­stant­ly out­put Web-ready PNGs, GIFS, or JPEGS–are al­so dis­ap­point­ed to see that func­tion­al­i­ty ab­sent from FireWorks. Alas, ImageReady was re­tired af­ter ver­sion CS2; FireWorks is its replacement.


If you pre­fer ImageReady to FireWorks there’s ab­solute­ly no rea­son why you can’t con­tin­ue to use ImageReady CS2 even in an oth­er­wise all-CS3 workflow.

Creative Suite 3 didn’t change the PSD file for­mat very much, and ImageReady CS2 will open and ed­it even PSD doc­u­ments saved from Photoshop CS3. The lat­est ver­sions of Photoshop, DreamWeaver, GoLive, Flash, Illustrator, and so on will, of course, still un­der­stand im­ages cre­at­ed by ImageReady, too. The on­ly thing tru­ly lack­ing is the roundtrip con­nec­tion that en­abled Photoshop CS2 and ImageReady CS2 to send files to one an­oth­er live, lock­ing the im­age from edit­ing in the oth­er ap­pli­ca­tion. If you can live with hav­ing to launch ImageReady from a dock or Start Menu icon rather than a Photoshop Tools palette but­ton, and then hav­ing to use File > Open to bring an im­age in­to ImageReady, you can keep this great Web graph­ics ed­i­tor part of your cur­rent workflow.

When you up­grade from Creative Suite 2 or Photoshop CS2 to CS3, you’ll like­ly unin­stall the old­er ver­sion. During the unin­stall process, you can cus­tomize the unin­stall process, se­lec­tive­ly re­mov­ing or leav­ing Creative Suite 2 ap­pli­ca­tions. Just be sure to ex­clude ImageReady from the unin­stall; it will re­main on your com­put­er, ready to con­tin­ue serv­ing your Web graph­ic needs…

At least un­til Apple or Microsoft changes your op­er­at­ing sys­tem so much that CS2 will no longer run. That’s what hap­pened to an­oth­er Adobe Web graph­ics ap­pli­ca­tion, ImageStyler, which de­buted at the same time as the then-standalone ImageReady 1.0. Unfortunately, ImageStyler nev­er saw ver­sion 2.0, nev­er was bun­dled with Photoshop, and nev­er was up­dat­ed to OS X- and post-Windows 98-compatibility. Still, you should get at least a few more good years out of ImageReady; hope­ful­ly by then Adobe will have in­cor­po­rat­ed your fa­vorite fea­tures in­to FireWorks.

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