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InBrief XPress (2005-08-08)

All the News for Those Who Print

  • Apple’s Automator Allows Workflow Shortcuts
    A new feature in Mac OS 10.4, Automator enables creative pros to build workflow shortcuts in a drag-and-drop environment without writing any code….
  • Printer’s Type reviewed
    A review of Richard Southall’s recent book, Printer’s type is the latest installment of Sumner Stone’s Alphabet Farm Journal….
  • Who’s Watching the Adobe-Macromedia Merger?
    As Adobe and Macromedia await word of DOJ rulings on the impending merger and what will become of the companies’ competitive products, both move forward with stockholder votes. But if applications–DreamWeaver, GoLive, FreeHand, FireWorks, or Homesite–have to sell, who is likely to buy?…
  • Hartford Courant Finds Cure to Font Woes
    Case Study: Extensis Font Reserve Server saves newspaper’s support staff from having to chase down rogue fonts and makes font management an easy job….

  • Delivering Files That Print
    Creating a press-ready document is not simple. Publishers who understand most common problems can save their printer lots of aggravation….
  • MetaCommunications Offers File Management for Creative Pros
    Digital Storage Manager 1.0 provides tagging, searching and archiving of files used in a Mac-based creative workflow….
  • DocuMerger by Mapsoft: plugin for Adobe Acrobat
    DocuMerger merges template PDF files with the existing document content, specifying which page you want to merge. This tool allows you, for example, to apply company letterheads to PDF content….
  • Flattener by Mapsoft: plugin for Adobe Acrobat
    Flattener allows you to dramatically reduce the size of certain PDF files by flattening active parts within the document, like navigation buttons and forms….
  • Markzware Announces the Release of FlightCheck Studio for Adobe InDesign
    FlightCheck Studio Resolves Design Problems With Quick And Easy Detection And Correction! Press Release Rijswijk, The Netherlands–(QUARKvsINDESIGN.com)–July 28, 2005–Markzware, the leading developer of quality control for digital files used in the global graphic arts and printing industries …
  • Introducing FogLamp
    FogLamp converts Fontographer font source files (.fog databases) into FontLab-compatible .vfb files….
  • HELIOS “Create PDF Server” Now Supports Acrobat 7
    HELIOS Software GmbH, a leading server solutions developer, today announced that HELIOS PDF HandShake Create PDF Server now supports Adobe Acrobat 7 on Mac OS X and Windows….
  • Tutorial: How-To Fill Type with Artwork in InDesign
    How would you fill type with artwork or imagery? Would you do it in Photoshop or Illustrator? If the artwork-filled type is going to end up in your InDesign layout anyway, why not just fill the type directly within InDesign? Lord knows I love Illustrator and Photoshop, but one of the most frequent …
  • Tutorial: How-To Fill Type with Artwork in Quark
    How would you fill type with artwork or imagery? Would you do it in Photoshop or Illustrator? If the artwork-filled type is going to end up in your QuarkXPress layout, why worry about transparency, clipping path, or image preview issues? Why not just fill the type directly within XPress? One of the…
  • Macromedia CEO Tells IDB Adobe Merger a Good Thing
    In a recent interview with Investors Business Daily, Stephen Elop, CEO of Macromedia, expressed confident optimism about the Adobe-Macromedia merger, the DOJ investigation, and customer reactions. ” The broad sentiment among our customers, among the popular press and so forth is that this deal is so…
  • Comic Sans, priceless!
    In yet another blow to the popular font’s small band of detractors the makers of MasterCard’s award winning “Priceless” TV ads have picked Comic Sans for their latest TV ad featuring a bunch of kids messing around in their garden….
  • Jupitermedia Extends Reach of Graphic Design Magazines Online
    Jupitermedia Corporation (Nasdaq: JUPM), today announced that it has increased its efforts to reach graphic designers and creative professionals by bringing the contents of STEP Inside Design Magazine and Dynamic Graphics Magazine online….
  • First Look: Macromedia Studio 8
    Macromedia didn’t let a little thing like a merger stop its engineering team from creating a whole new version of its Studio software. Creativepro.com gives you a first look at the beta software….
  • Top Catalog Publishers Embrace Adobe InDesign CS2
    Macy’s West, Plow & Hearth, Staples Cite Enhanced Quality and Production Efficiency in Decision to Move to InDesign CS2 Press Release SAN JOSE, Calif.–(QUARKvsINDESIGN.com)–Aug. 2, 2005–Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that top retailers Macy’s West, Plow & Heart…
  • onOne Software Purchases Plug-in Products from Extensis
    New software developer onOne Software purchases popular line of productivity enhancement products for Photoshop and QuarkXPress. Press Release PORTLAND, OR–(CREATIVEPRO.COM)–July 28, 2005–Independent software developer, onOne Software, Inc. today announced the launch of their new company with th…
  • Grooming Tomorrow’s Graphic Designers, Part 1
    Opinion: Author and instructor Erika Kendra would like to see the level of professionalism improved in the ranks of young graphic artists, and she has some ideas for doing it….
  • Why We Need Prints in a Digital World
    Opinion: Even as the digital revolution threatens film vendors like Eastman Kodak, a need remains for a solid way to preserve present memories for the future….
  • X-Rite and Quark Announce New Color Management Bundles for QuarkAlliance Users
    Press Release GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 28, 2005–Quark and X-Rite (NASDAQ:XRIT) announce two new color management bundles exclusively for QuarkAlliance members. These superior color solution packages ensure that color is accurately captured and communicated from the beginning of t…
  • X-Rite Pulse ColorElite System Wins PIA/GATF Intertech Technology Award
    Press Release: Grandville, MI ” August 1, 2005 “X-Rite (NASDAQ: XRIT) today announced that its Pulse┞¢ ColorElite System has received the 2005 PIA/GATF Intertech Technology Award, one of the most coveted awards in the graphic arts industry. The Pulse ColorElite System was selected by a panel of ind…
  • PitStop Pro Heads Off Costly Last-Minute Glitches
    Review: This powerful add-on toolbox for Adobe Acrobat is a must-have for PDF production professionals…
  • Electronic Editions Could Save Plenty … if Readers Switched
    Rising costs of postage and paper give publishers a major incentive to convert circulation from print to electronic, but adoption remains in the early stages….
  • SoftCare Plug-ins Overset Manager and Notes Manager Now Available for InDesign and InCopy CS2
    SoftCare updates thier popular Plug-ins to work with Creative Suite 2; will still work with Creative Suite 1…
  • Apple’s Tiger vs. Windows Vista: Who Comes Out Ahead?
    Source: eWeek Written By John Rizzo When Windows Vista ships in late 2006, Windows will mimic many features of Apple’s Tiger and go beyond it. But while Microsoft introduces the world to Vista, Apple is keeping mum about its next version of Mac OS X, which Steve Jobs has said will ship at about th…
  • Macro Manager
    Source: Forbes Written By Chana Schoenberger & Stephen Elop’s first act as chief executive of software company Macromedia was to put himself out of the top job. & Elop, 41, took over as chief in January. Within weeks, he was talking to rival Adobe Systems (nasdaq: ADBE – news – people ) ab…
  • New promise for designers from print heavyweights
    Source: Macworld UK The Digital Printing Council has recruited Adobe, Canon, HP, Kodak and others for a major initiative to be revealed in September. The Digital Printing Council is a body backed by the Printing Industries of America/Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (PIA/GATF). This the world’s l…
  • Error: “…topic…applies to a CS2 product you have not installed” or missing content (Help Center)
    Source: Photoshop Support Knowledgebase Issue: Adobe Help Center is missing content or returns the error, “The topic you want to view applies to a CS2 product you have not installed.” Solutions Do one or more of the following solutions: Solution 1: Delete the Adobe Help Center database and cache…
  • Markzware’s FlightCheck Studio Keeps Projects on Track
    The company’s Version 1.3 of its preflight tool for Adobe InDesign CS and CS2 facilitates group design projects and offers a unique “on the fly” correction feature….
  • K4 Publishing System Version 5.5 by SoftCare GmbH: plugin for Adobe InDesign
    The K4 Publishing System is an editorial system for Adobe® InDesign® and Adobe InCopy®, designed to organise the work of graphic designers and editors, as well as to control the production process. With its multilevel security controls and robust customization options, K4 supports tra…
  • Fujitsu Announces Bendable Color E-Paper
    The medium has the ability to retain images in its memory with minimal power consumption, the company says….
  • FitTextToFrame by COMWell software: plugin for Adobe InDesign
    Tired of adjust text kerning and point size in a fixed rectangle frame? This plug-ins can help you to adjust text point size automatly. You can use three type adjust type: fixed characters scale, fixed characters width and fixed characters height. It can make all text fitting to frame….
  • Save 25% On All Total Training Photoshop DVDs
    Total Training has a big blowout sale going on right now. Just land on their front page and you’ll see the notice – all their training packages are now available with a special 25% discount. If you’d like to preview some of the Total Training series for Photoshop, visit our Total Training page where…
  • BookMarker by Mapsoft: plugin for Adobe Acrobat
    Use the TextSelect tool from the Acrobat toolbar to highlight a sample of text. Bookmarker then uses the attributes of the selected text to define a particular bookmark level. Bookmarks can be nested to any level….
  • QuarkXPress 7.0 From the Inside
    Will XPress 7.0 be the upgrade that puts Quark back on top? CreativePro.com’s Gene Gable spent two days at Quark’s Denver headquarters to find out and emerged with a cautiously optimistic exclusive report that delves deeper into what Quark has let out of the bag so far–and hints at a few things the…
  • Macromedia Tools’ Outlook Mixed
    With Adobe’s acquisition of Macromedia, many products on both sides will change, stagnate or be dropped altogether….
  • Typefi Announces Version 2.5 of the Typefi Publishing System — The Automated Scriptless Publishing Solution
    World leader in dynamic enterprise publishing releases the latest version of their XML-based automated scriptless publishing system. Press Release San Jose, CA–(QUARKvsINDESIGN.com)–July 28, 2005–Typefi Systems, Inc. has announced the release of version 2.5 of its flagship Typefi Publishing Syste…

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