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InDesign Magazine Kicks Off CS2 Right

Latest issue oohs and awes over InDesign CS2, but returns to current InDesign version for strong how-tos

Cover of InDesign Magazine
InDesign Magazine April/May Issue

The April/May issue of InDesign Magazine released today, and it is packed to capac­i­ty with InDesign CS2 news and how-tos.

In David Blatner’s inter­view with Mike Wallen, Senior Product Manager for InDesign CS2, we get a glimpse inside the world of cre­ative soft­ware devel­op­ment. Anyone who has ever asked, why did they include this fea­ture but leave out that one, will gain a new under­stand­ing of how Adobe makes devel­op­ment deci­sions and who is real­ly behind the new fea­tures of your favorite tools.

In a mas­ter­ful par­al­lel foot­notes in InDesign are explored in twin arti­cles. “Footnotes: A Straight Shot” intro­duces CS2’s new native sup­port of foot­noteseither cre­at­ed with­in InDesign or import­ed from Wordand explains how to do foot­notes in the upcom­ing ver­sion. And, in “Footnotes: The Long Way Around,” Jamie MacKee explains how to do foot­notes today, in InDesign CS.

Olav Martin Kvern mus­es about “Geeks Bearing Gifts”the new ExtendScript Toolkit that installs with CS2 prod­uctsand explains to the automa­tion mind­ed how script­ing InDesign CS2 is now more flex­i­ble, sim­pler, more robust, and more like any script­ing and debug­ging envi­ron­ment should be.

Working with today’s InDesign as well as tomorrow’s, Diane Burns walks through real world exam­ples of using InDesign CS’s trans­paren­cy blend­ing modesa must read for any­one who thinks trans­paren­cy sup­port in InDesign means just drop shad­ows and no more clip­ping paths.

If InDesign is your bread and but­ter, your hob­by, or your dream of escape from that oth­er lay­out appli­ca­tion, pick up InDesign Magazine. InDesign Magazine is a richly-designed bi-monthly PDF-only peri­od­i­cal from CreativePro​.com and Mr. InDesign him­self, David Blatner. They’ll even give you a free issue just to check it out.

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  1. aussi bref says:

    I down­loaded the free mag­a­zine today and it is excel­lent. But Adobe is dream­ing if they think I’m going to fork out $10 per issue. The mag­a­zine essen­tial­ly gives Indesign users some design and ‘how to’ tips and infor­ma­tion on 3rd par­ty plu­g­ins. Frankly most of the tips belong in the man­u­al and from the sound of it the lat­est issue is prmar­i­ly a sales brochure for the new CS2.
    If ALAP real­ly forked out $1200 on a full page ad pro­mot­ing Intools when all they need­ed was a point­er ad to their web­site, they’re nuts!

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