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LEAKED! Creative Suite 3, InDesign CS3, QuarkXPress 7 Features

Online survey leaks surprising product line up of Creative Suite 3 and potential new features of InDesign CS3 and QuarkXPress 7.

As part of an online survey initiated just a few hours ago by AbsolutData Research & Analytics on behalf of an unnamed “major software company,” survey participants were asked to make judgments about their likelihood of buying “much improved” products. These “next generation” products are identified as QuarkXPress 7, InDesign CS3, and the Adobe Creative Suite 3–complete with a detailed list of product features and the Creative Suite lineup.

QuarkXPress 7 Features?

According to the survey, the “much improved new version (QuarkXPress),” which is later referenced as QuarkXPress 7, will contain the following list of new features. Enough of these features have been demonstrated by Quark and X-Ray Magazine over the last eight months of XPress 7 hype that our confidence is high the list is an accurate representation of XPress 7″™s shipping feature set. The information is published here verbatim, without editing, to enable you to draw your own conclusions about its veracity.


    QuarkXPress 4. 5 and 6 support formats like TIF and EPS, as well as overprints and multi-ink colors. QuarkXPress 7 introduces precise transparency controls, drop shadows, alpha channel support, and support for Photoshop PSD layer opacity.

    Built-in image engine, first introduced in version 6.5, reduces time spent on image manipulation. In QuarkXPress 7 new graphics formats are supported and alpha channels can be softened.

    Streamlined interface allows majority of common tasks to be controlled from a single palette. Users will be able to use the functionality of the main QuarkXPress 4 dialog boxes while maximizing screen real estate.

    Cross-platform OpenType typography and Unicode international character support.


    Where QuarkXPress versions 4, 5 and 6 allow for simple, static content management via Libraries, in QuarkXPress 7 users can created layout blocks that can be edited in one place with real time updates in multiple pages, files or even among multiple users.

    QuarkXPress 4, 5 and 6 and other layout applications allow layouts to be divided only by splitting up a file, and individual pages can?t be divided at all. In QuarkXPress 7, complex layouts and even pages can be flexibly shared among multiple users for simultaneous collaboration.

    Building on the text synchronization of QuarkXPress 6.5, users of QuarkXPress 7 can flexibly synchronize images, text, layout and styles across multiple layouts and media types. Users can change once, and update everywhere.


    Where QuarkXPress 4 and 5 require third-party applications to create PDF files, QuarkXPress 6 and 7 allows users to create PDF files directly from QuarkXPress. In QuarkXPress 7, native PDF and PDF/X support users have better control of their final output via native PDF and PDF/X support and through customizable pre-flighting.

    QuarkXPress 4, 5 and 6 use the Quark CMS XTensions software to apply color management on a file-by-file basis. Color management in QuarkXPress 7 is always-on, automatically picks up system settings and can be easily shared and standardized, allowing better on-screen soft proofing. Advanced Color Management users will find many new options.

    Production and design settings can be standardized with printers or across a workgroup with real-time updates

    Robust graphics engine provides improved anti-aliasing and image previews.


    QuarkXPress 4 is focused entirely on print: in QuarkXPress 7, the Web Layout environment allows direct HTML export, image export and Flash import.

InDesign CS3 Features?

According to the survey, the “much improved new version (InDesign),” which is also later identified specifically as InDesign CS3, will contain the following list of new features. The information is published here verbatim, without editing, to enable you to draw your own conclusions about its veracity.

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16 Responses

  1. If there is a Premium Edition of the CS3 Suite that includes Dreamweaver, that’s for me. As a user of both, and as an author of GoLive tutorials and a Dreamweaver course, I prefer Dreamweaver. I have had numerous crashes with GoLive and find Dreeamweaver more intuitive. I was hoping that Dreaweaver would get the PDF capabilities of GoLive..maybe that will happen anyway. At any rate this was a very intruguing article and it will be very interesting to see what comes to fruition!

  2. Brian Cupp says:

    I asked the company “Absolute Data Research & Analytics” where they got my email address from . They responded saying they recieved it from Adobe.

  3. Very interesting, Brian.

    What’s even more interesting is that another person whom I trust told me that the e-mail address at which he received the survey invitation is used solely for correspondence with Quark, that he has never given it to anyone else.

    I really wish Quark would return my calls or e-mails about this. Adobe says they aren’t behind it, but Quark has yet to comment.

    If you look at Absolut Data’s clients, neither Quark nor Adobe is listed… But another industry player is.

    If you take the survey, it is very much about QuarkXPress and various add-on modules for XPress. Of course, no one will own up to paying for the survey.

  4. ExQuarkian says:

    I think everyone should probably know that QuarkXpress 7 will NOT have any flash import functionality. I would be surprised if it even manages flash output in version 7.

  5. Should they really handle flash anyhow, though? GoLive is junk, but Dreamweaver is a lesser evil in the end — neither application is made for high end web development. They bundle it with BBEdit capabilities, we may talk further…

  6. Should it handle Flash…? Yes and no. I can see a real need for exporting FlashPaper from XPress–FlashPaper is becoming another form of output–but not for Flash animations et al for Web use.

    GoLive and DreamWeaver… I’ve played with both, but have never been able to get into any WYSIWYG HTML editor. I began designing and deploying professional Websites back in late ’94 when WYSIWYGs were useless. Now, ten years later, I just can’t break the habit of writing code by hand. I comp and layout site templates in Illustrator, slice and export, then immediately rewrite the XHTML and CSS code in TopStyle, HomeSite, or BBEdit.

  7. I forgot about flashpaper, I can see the use for web abilities in there.

    I’d agree with you on the coding portion — my experience with dreamweaver is it takes me just as much time to fix what it outputs as it would to code it right in the first place.

  8. Dean Wares says:

    It seems to me that the whole coding process has been done in a very haphazard and lazy fashion. I can only assume that it was coded by a hack who seems to have jumped on the whole flash bandwagon. Or maybe someone who really isn’t very focused and passionate about the industry we work in.

  9. Maybe he should spend more time at his desk learning the art of coding instead of treating the office as a youth club.

  10. Dean and Lee:

    Admittedly, I’m still working on my first cup of coffee, but… What–or who–are you talking about?

  11. indika says:

    please send me quark 7

  12. “indika”:

    please send me quark 7

    Well, no can do there. But Quark has a public beta program currently underway that allows you to download a practially fully functional beta to do whatever you want to it. It’s a free download, but expires at the end of March.

    You can find it here:

    Good luck!

  13. Neelesh Singh says:

    I Personally think this was the survey from Quark behalf as my friends name was there in the quark list. I think it is quite not fair on behalf of Quark to share his email address with a third party vendor. Also the way the survey was made about the features of theQuarkexp 7 shows that info may most proabably would have com from quark.

  14. Kevin Jones says:

    I know someone who says that Creative Suite 3 is coming out in 1 week, My source is extremely reliable…

  15. Hi, Kevin.

    I’m afraid that, in this case, your source is in error.

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