Downloads, Updates, and Resources for ePublishing with InDesign Books and Courseware

Download chap­ter les­son files, third-party appli­ca­tions and plu­g­ins, and more.

Below you’ll find files, tools, resources, and oth­er mate­ri­als to help you most effec­tive­ly teach your­self or oth­ers using Pariah Burke’s ePublishing with InDesign series of books, course­ware, and oth­er mate­ri­als. See the first book and course­ware, ePublishing with InDesign CS6, and the sec­ond, Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks.

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Titles in the ePublishing with InDesign Series

Lesson Files from ePublishing with InDesign CS6

Download the les­son files from ePublishing with InDesign CS6. Note that Chapters 1–3 do not include les­son files.

Lesson Files from Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks

Download the les­son files and tem­plates from Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks: Lesson Files & Templates (6 MB .ZIP).

eBook Readers

Download the eread­er soft­ware dis­cussed in the ePublishing with InDesign Series. You’ll find a (appar­ent­ly) com­plete list of ebook read­ing soft­ware at MobileRead​.com.

Other Tools & Resources

The fol­low­ing are links to the oth­er tools and resources dis­cussed througout the ePublishing with InDesign Series, orga­nized by the chap­ters in which they’re first dis­cussed.