Downloads, Updates, and Resources for ePublishing with InDesign Books and Courseware

Download chapter lesson files, third-party applications and plugins, and more.

Below you’ll find files, tools, resources, and other materials to help you most effectively teach yourself or others using Pariah Burke’s ePublishing with InDesign series of books, courseware, and other materials. See the first book and courseware, ePublishing with InDesign CS6, and the second, Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks.

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Titles in the ePublishing with InDesign Series

Lesson Files from ePublishing with InDesign CS6

Download the lesson files from ePublishing with InDesign CS6. Note that Chapters 1–3 do not include lesson files.

Lesson Files from Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks

Download the lesson files and templates from Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks: Lesson Files & Templates (6 MB .ZIP).

eBook Readers

Download the ereader software discussed in the ePublishing with InDesign Series. You’ll find a (apparently) complete list of ebook reading software at

Other Tools & Resources

The following are links to the other tools and resources discussed througout the ePublishing with InDesign Series, organized by the chapters in which they’re first discussed.