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Design Your Own Business: Episode 2

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

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Design Your Own Business is a monthly Internet television show for freelancers, the self-employed, and small business owners with a focus on, but not exclusively for, designers and the creative professions.

Watch the January 7th episode above or on YouTube.

Below: read the show notes, learn about the guests, and explore the links and apps discussed during the show below.

Topics Discussed this Episode

This episode is entitled “How to Find Clients and Build Client Relationships That Last,” during which host Pariah Burke and guests discuss…

  • Not-so-obvious ways to find new clients.
  • Making the most of the tried and true ways of finding new clients.
  • Attracting new clients so that they find you.
  • Keeping clients once you’ve got them.
  • Building long-term, profitable client-vendor relationships.

Guests on this Episode

Stephen Burns

Stephen Burns

Digital artist and president of the San Diego Photoshop User’s Group.

Sally Cox

Sally Cox

Specializes in eLearning, design and Adobe training. Started in 2009.

April Greer

April Greer

Freelance graphic and web designer with a rare combination of creative expertise and technical savvy simplying data for the average human.

Theresa Jackson

Theresa Jackson

Print graphics professional, designer, Photoshop artist and instructor.


Pariah Burke

Author, consultant, print & digital publishing expert, graphic design and design business advisor.

Links and Apps Mentioned this Episode

During the show the guests and Pariah discussed the following links and apps: