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Design Your Own Business: Episode 4

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

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Design Your Own Business is a month­ly Internet broad­cast show for free­lancers, the self-employed, and small busi­ness own­ers with a focus on, but not exclu­sive­ly for, design­ers and the cre­ative pro­fes­sions.

Topics Discussed this Episode

Balancing self-employment with home life, mak­ing it all work, and espe­cial­ly mak­ing work­ing at home work are cru­cial top­ics for the self-employed. Even small busi­ness with employ­ees can often be decen­tral­ized, with­out an office. In this episode Pariah and guests will talk about these and oth­er sub­jects relat­ed to bal­anc­ing free­lanc­ing and home life.

Host Pariah Burke and guests dis­cussed the fol­low­ing top­ics this episode:

  • Planning to work at home.
  • Balancing self-employment and home life.
  • Family and free­lance, not fam­i­ly ver­sus free­lance.
  • Creating men­tal and phys­i­cal bar­ri­ers to sep­a­rate home-life and work-at-home.
  • Establishing and com­mu­ni­cat­ing “I’m at work” bound­aries with spous­es and chil­dren.
  • Compromises required to work at home.
  • Being at home for child- and pet-care issues.
  • Being there for impor­tant fam­i­ly events.
  • Benefits of work­ing at home.
  • When and how to work away from home.
  • Carving out “me time.”
  • Coping with work­ing alone, miss­ing co-workers, and main­tain­ing social inter­ac­tion.
  • The dif­fer­ent types of loca­tions for work-in-the-home.

Guests on this Episode

Rob Huddleston

Rob Huddleston

Rob Huddleston is on the Design Faculty at the Art Institute of California, Sacramento, where he teach­es web and graph­ic design. He’s the author of 9 books on web design and mobile devices.

Patric King

Patric King

Patric King is a visu­al design­er liv­ing and work­ing with his part­ner in Chicago, IL. you can find him at patrick​ing​.com, com­plain­ing about design at fix​ingth​e​ho​bo​suit​.com, and his port­fo­lio at house​of​pret​ty​.com.

Lisa Larson-Kelley

Lisa Larson-Kelley

Lisa has a knack—and a passion—for tak­ing com­plex con­cepts and mak­ing them acces­si­ble. She spe­cial­izes in online video and media deliv­ery, be it HTML5, Flash, or con­sumer prod­ucts Skype and Prezi. She has cours­es on Lynda​.com and Pluralsight​.com.

Kelly McCathran

Kelly McCathran

Author of Photoshop CS5, CS6 & CC Learn by Video, an Adobe Certified Instructor who has been teach­ing com­put­er pro­grams since she was 18, and Adobe User Group man­ag­er for Creative Cloud Lovers.


Pariah Burke

Author, con­sul­tant, print & dig­i­tal pub­lish­ing expert, graph­ic design and design busi­ness advi­sor.

Links and Apps Mentioned this Episode

During the show the guests and Pariah dis­cussed the fol­low­ing links and apps: