Adobe Establishes OnDemand Seminars

First seminars available are the Blatner Quark to InDesign Series

In early November 2005 Adobe presented a series of eSeminars directed at the design professional who uses, has used, or is coming over from QuarkXPress to InDesign. With valuable information and insights from David Blatner (the noted quondam QuarkXPress evangelist) the series had insights valuable to new InDesigners as well as established users and those experienced in Quark, they were so well attended that the talk on InDesign Tips and Tricks was waitlisted, requiring the establishment of a second session (QVI’s Pariah S Burke passed along the info to you here, and Pariah reported on David’s first seminar here).

If you were unfortunate enough, by cirucmstance, technology or demand, to miss these sessions, you aren’t completely out of luck. Beginning this week, Adobe has established OnDemand eSeminars, CS2 eSeminars archived on line so you can view them on your own schedule. Registration is free, and two of Blatners’ November talks, InDesign for QuarkXPress Users and InDesign Tips and Tricks are available right now for viewing. The third, David Blatner on the InDesign Advanage should be coming to OnDemand soon.

The content is free of cost in return for registration to the OnDemand site and completion of a brief questionnaire. The address is

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