Adsters Cramer-Krasselt Commit to QuarkXPress 6.5

America’s fourth-largest advertising agency gives Quark a vote of confidence by upgrading all seats to XPress 6.5.

Chicago-based Cramer–Krasselt, America’s fourth-largest advertising agency with offices nationwide, has upgraded all licenses to QuarkXPress 6.5, the Denver-based creative software concern announcd today.

C-K’s presence is widespread in American commerce, with such brands as Corona beer, Ski-Doo, PetSmart, Heinz Foods, Dremel, and Popeye’s Chicken as clients.

From the Quark press release:

Because QuarkXPress has been the page layout application of choice for Cramer-Krasselt for more than a decade “” the company is now using almost 150 licenses “” Quark was able to extend support to the agency. The agency”™s renewed commitment enhances the value of the latest release of the award-winning product from Quark. In addition, the Quark team provided Cramer-Krasselt with on-site training on the latest features of the software and offered the agency support during its migration.

Read the entire Quark press release at this link.

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1 Response

  1. The Walking Dude says:

    Cramer-Krasselt is a really good place that does good work despite what this press release infers. Like a lot of companies in graphic production, there’s that one die-hard Quark zealot, and it this case he does not even work in Quark much. The people who actually do all the keylining and page layout at CK mostly prefer InDesign. They don’t get press releases, not do they get flown out to Denver and dined by Quark for free. Free, except for the 150 licensing fees that follow.

    It really says something about Quark, when they plaster press releases all over the internet about being the “application of choice” at the 4th largest independent ad agency. By process of elimination, it isn’t too hard to figure out what first, second and third are using for their layout software.

    The only major piece of print business CK has received after this announcement was a bank client that requires their ads be done in InDesign. Now for the first time, InDesign has been loaded on all production and creative department Macs. People are being hired with only InDesign experience. InDesign training has begun for those that can think outside the Quark box. Were not talking migration, we’re talking upgrade here. Pretty soon CK will really have something to brag about and it won’t be brand name loyalty to a “one application” software company. And Quark will be the 4th largest page layout software, right behind Microsoft Publisher.

    Sure the few Quarkies remaining still moan and groan about the loss of their antique kerning pallets and Colorado junkets, but the way I see it, this frees up extra time for them to concentrate on content, quality and spelling.

    The Walking Dude
    San Fransisco