Destroy Your Pantone Swatchbooks And Film It For Prizes

Pantone doesn’t want you to just discard your old swatchbooks””they want you to annihilate them. Do it in a spectacular way and you may get some cool prizes.

Pantone really wants you to replace your swatchbooks (called “PANTONE FORMULA GUIDES”) annually. They are offering the PANTONE COLOR INSPIRATION/2007 and COLORIST software to make the decision easier. If that isn’t enough for you, how about an opportunity to destroy your guides and get an Apple® iPhoneâ„¢ and Apple TVâ„¢ for your troubles?! Here’s the story: Pantone just launched the PANTONE Color Kill Contest on YouTube, where you can view people destroying their swatchbooks in all kinds of creative ways: hanging pages on the Christmas tree and shredding are popular. Post your video on YouTube and you get a 35% discount off the purchase of a new guide (you’ll need one, since you destroyed your old one…).

The contest will be going on for most of the year””the deadline is November 30, 2007″”and there are prizes for the most creative and unusual methods of destruction:

  • Apple® iPhoneâ„¢ and Apple TVâ„¢ for the Grand Prize Winner
  • Apple iPhone and Pantone Essentials six-guide set for the First Place Winner
  • QuarkXPress® 7 and Pantone Color Bridge for the Second Place Winner
  • Pantone Essentials six-guide set for the Third Place Winner

There’s a few entries at already, but only a few. This will be going on for several months so we will surely see more as the year progresses. I’ll be tuning in, because I know designers’ appetites for destruction can be pretty fierce””my own entry will probably involve some pyrotechnics and a soundtrack by P.O.D….

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