Markzware Releases ID2Q7 Conversion Plugin

New plugin offers one-click conversion of InDesign files to XPress 7–but only for non-Intel Mac users at present.

Markzware, maker of more useful preflight and plugin software for electronic layout than you can shake a stick at, has announced the release of ID2Q7 which is, a far as we can determine, the first and only conversion plugin that converts to the newest version of QuarkXPress.

ID2Q7 touts layout preservation, with all attributes convered with a single click. The ID2Q7 page, here, does rather bend over backwards to advise the potential customer that text reflow is a dependable trouble area, principally because of the varying differences on varying platforms which are outside of the software’s control and may be complicated by any custom kerning and tracking settings the individual layout artist will use.

The plugin will convert InDesign files from V 1.x forward to either QXP 6 or QXP 7, as well as cross-platform conversions (i.e., Windows InDesign to Mac InDesign). The software is currently only operable on non-Intel Macintosh systems, however, Windows and MacIntel versions are said to be in developement and are expected to debut soon.

USA price is $199, and the software is available directly from Markzware’s site via this link.

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